01 novembro 2008

Wicked Minds Presents: The Unforgiven 2004

01-intro (ALT, Da Funkmeista, Frost, Lil Rob, Slowpain & Wicked Minds)
02-the unforgiven (outro) (AC the Promoter & Wicked Minds)
03-hoodrats need lovin too (Cecy B & Wicked Minds)
04-the greatest pleasure & greatest pain (Cecy B & Wicked Minds)
05-murder musica (Lil Rob, Clika One & Wicked Minds)
06-california (Eriq, Frank V, ODM, Wicked Minds & Woody da Funkmeista)
07-how many hoes you know (Lil Blacky, Lil Demon & Slowpain)
08-funkaholic (Mr. Shadow, Woody da Funmeista & Wicked Minds)
09-da good die young (Nino Brown, Romero & Wicked Minds)
10-chainsaw (Wicked Minds)
11-hate and betrail (Wicked Minds)
12-keep it gangster (Wicked Minds)
13-let it bounce (Wicked Minds)
14-nights like this (Wicked Minds)
15-payback (Wicked Minds)
16-the eighteenth angel (Wicked Minds)
17-the unforgiven (Wicked Minds)
18-the unforgiven 2 (Wicked Minds)

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