09 novembro 2008

D.E.M. Presents:L.A. Affiliates Hustlin' & Bangin' vol.1 2007

01-intro (L.A. Affiliates)

02-i'm a threat (Dinero feat. mr. Trippalot)

03-gun play (Dinero feat. Mr. Trippalot)

04-this is 4 (L. A. Affiliates)

05-hustlin' and bangin' (Dinero feat. Mr. Trippalot)

06-bitch in your eyes (Mr. Trippalot & Dinero)

07-lifestyle of a G (Criminal Minded feat. Mr. Trippalot & Dinero)

08-en el varrio (Criminal Minded feat. Trippalot & Dinero)

09-bitch you don't love me (Dinero & Mr. Trippalot)

10-southside (Criminal Minded)

11-double filo (Dinero & Mr. Trippalot)

12-g ride (Criminal Minded)

13-like it or not (Mr. Trippalot & Dinero)

14-do what you do (Dinero & Mr. trippalot)

15-balas y madrisa (Mr. Trippalot)

16-when will i die (Dinero & Mr. Trippalot)

17-wanna be (Dinero & Trippalot)

18-on the grind (Ese G feat. Mr. Trippalot & Dinero, Risky & lil Sneaks)

19-Killa cali (Dinero)

20-why they hate (Lil Joker)

21-protect mine (Klepto)

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