23 novembro 2008

Southland Gangsters Presents: Southland Love Jams vol.3 Addicted to You 2008

01- I'm So Addicted To You -( Mr. Capone-E/Angie B.)
02-Don't Take My Baby - (L-Boy)
03-Didn't Mean To Do You Wrong - (The Homie Stretch/Mister D/Sleepy Malo)
04-I Want To Know Your Name -( DTTX/Lil Sicko)
05-Could've Been Your Man - (Lil Kasper/Lil Blacky/Mister D/Nate Dogg/Ese Bobby)
06-Ride With Me -( The Homie Stretch)
07-I Don't Know (What You Gonna Do) -( Lighter Shade Of Brown)
08-Homie Love -( Lil Kasper)
09-Don't Want You To Leave -( Lil Blacky/Lil Sicko)
10-She Wants To Roll With Me - (Cuete Yeska/Eriq)
11-Missing You - (Mister D)
12-I've Been Thinking About You - (DTTX/Lil Sicko)
13-Yea Baby -( Tattoo Ink)
14-If They Got Love - (Kryptonite)
15-I've Been Searching -( Mister D)

Solow 13: Warrior 13 2008

01-dickies with the polo feat.(Mellow Man Ace)

04-remember me
05-lord of war
09-make it hop
10-whistle 13 feat.(B-Real of Cyprees Hill)
11-i can tell
12-soldiers & Warrios feat.(Sen Dog of Cypress hill)
13-warrior song (don't cry for me jalisco)

Low Profile Presents: Slow Jams vol. 2 2008

01. Lil Bandit Ft. Bizz - Given it All To Me
02. Lil Felon - I Need You
03. Brown Boy - Mr. Right
04. Mr. Sancho Ft. Lil bandit & Royal T - Damn Girl
05. Mc Magic Ft. Rascal - My Everything
06. Lil Sancho Ft. Lil Bandit & Royal T - Mi Vida
07. Royal T Ft. Dj AK - Lets Get Freaky
08. Juan Gambino - Wishful Thinking
09. Big Temps Ft. Lil Sancho & Fingazz - Let Me Be Your Man
10. Silencer - Sending My Love Ft. Lil Sancho
11. Big Capone - Mourn Forever
12. Payaso Ft. Royal T & Lil Bandit - You And Me
13. Brown Boy - When I Cry
14. Juan Gambino - Im Your Thug
15. Lil Sancho - Right There
16. Mc Magic Ft. Don Cisco - Soldier
17. LiL Felon - Looking Fly
18. Mr. Sancho - Crazy Remix (Bonus Track)
19. VA - MIX

21 novembro 2008

Teen Angels Presents: True Blue Gangsters 2005

01-true blue gangsters (Payaso, Travieso & Mister One)

02-smashin (Travieso , Payaso, Mister One & kokane)
03-you cant hide (Payaso, Mister One, Travieso & Big Capone)
04-for the haters (Payaso, Mister One, Lil Gibby, Travieso & Latina)
05-what shold i do (Payaso, Lil Gibby, Travieso & Mister One)
06-you aint no g (Travieso, Payaso, Lil Fly Boy, Lil Gibby & Big Capone)
07-old skool shit (Payaso, Travieso Lil Fly Boy & Lil Gibby)
08-front to back (The Youngsters)
09-were back (The youngsters)
10-one man army (Mister One, payaso & Travieso)
11-when my homies call (Payaso, Travieso, Mister One & Kokane)
12-lowride (Mister One, Travieso, Payaso & Latina)
13-we in da club (Payaso & Travieso)
14-cruising oldies (Payaso, Travieso, Mister One & Big Capone) (Royal T, Fat Juan & Jose Luis)

17 novembro 2008

Low Profile Presents: VA West Coast Chronic Vol. 1 2008

01. Blaze That Shit - (Big Capone, Royal T, Lil bandit & Mr. Shadow)
02. Lay Low - (Lil Bandit, Big Capone, Royal T)
03. LPG Gang Fool (Big Capone, Royal T, Mr. Sancho, Mr. Shadow)
04. Killa From The West - (Big Syke, Above The Law, Cold,South Central Cartel)
05. Westcoast Chronic - (Lil Bandit, Big Capone)
06. New Califa Thugs Song - (Califa Thugs)
07. Lpg Radio Interview - (Bizzy Bone)
08. Strictly For The Streets - (Big Capone,OG Play Boy, Payaso)
09. Homie your In Danger - (Lil Bandit, Royal T, Big Capone, OG Playboy)
10. The westcoast Gangster -( Dogg Pound, Daz Dillinger, Knightowl)
11. In My Caddy Man - (Don Won, Fingazz)
12. All Day - (OG Playboy, Don Won, Fingazz)
13. Smokin Mary Jane - (Silencer, Lil Sancho, Big Capone)
14. Mexican Down And Proud - (Royal T, LPG)
15. I Dont Dance - (VMF)
16. To All My Enemies -( Knightowl, Mr. Shadow, LPG)
17. We From The Westcoast - (O.G Playboy,Royal T, Lil Bandit)
18. Puff it on Out - (Mr. Sancho, Royal T)
19. Steel - (Bonus Track)
20. mix -( Royal T)

13 novembro 2008

Low Profile Presents: VA Chicano Rap Jams Vol.1 2008

01-baby girl (Mr. Sancho & Baby Bash)
02-silencers oldie (Mr. Sancho & Royal T)
03-golden state (Greedy Loco & Mr. Sancho)
04-blaze that fire (LPG'z)
05-get out the way (Mr. Shadow)
06-real g's (LPG'z)
07-caught up (Greedy Loco)
08-you (Mr. Sancho)
09-i stay riding (LPG'z)
10-home of riders (LPG'z)
11-things we face in L.P.G. (LPG'z)
12-mind of a gangster (LPG'z)
13-bouce it like a 64 (LPG'z)
14-special type of a lady (OG Playboy)
15-girl like you (LPG'Z)
16-im not your puppet (Mr. Sancho & Silencer)remix
17-daddys little girl (Ms. Sancha)
18-try to down me (Lil Rob)
19-lowpromix (LPG'z)


11 novembro 2008

Sluggz Ent. Presents: Organized Cartel-Music for tha Streets 2008

01-dont lie to kick it
02-in killafornia
03-from SA to SD feat. (Mr. Shadow)
04-tha west coast
05-house party
06-tha liquor store feat.(Kokane)
07-wheres tha party at
08-u know feat.(Mc Eiht)
09-smile (rest in peace)
10-bounce 2 this
11-throw your hands up
12-nos quieren sacar
13-gangsta music feat.(Spanky Loco & 310West)
14-whats your number girl
15-u so fine baby
16-your lady
17-dont give a fuck feat.(Goldie Loc of The eastsidaz)
18-bang bang cartels
19-u wanna gang bang feat.(Bigg Woodson)

Blue Rag Sureños

No Tracklist...

By Ese ''Lil D''.....

09 novembro 2008

Hi-Power Ent. Presents: Mr. Capone-e Dedicated 2 the Fans 2008

01-fan shot
02-you know my name
03-always playin (game)
04-pimp like me
05-hottest 1 around
06-runnin da block
07-things aint the same
08-like me
10-she just a freak
11-spreading worldwide
12-last call
13-exclusive bonus track 1
14-exclusive bonus track 2
15-exclusive bonus track 3
16-exclusive bonus track 4
17- fan shots

D.E.M. Presents:L.A. Affiliates Hustlin' & Bangin' vol.1 2007

01-intro (L.A. Affiliates)

02-i'm a threat (Dinero feat. mr. Trippalot)

03-gun play (Dinero feat. Mr. Trippalot)

04-this is 4 (L. A. Affiliates)

05-hustlin' and bangin' (Dinero feat. Mr. Trippalot)

06-bitch in your eyes (Mr. Trippalot & Dinero)

07-lifestyle of a G (Criminal Minded feat. Mr. Trippalot & Dinero)

08-en el varrio (Criminal Minded feat. Trippalot & Dinero)

09-bitch you don't love me (Dinero & Mr. Trippalot)

10-southside (Criminal Minded)

11-double filo (Dinero & Mr. Trippalot)

12-g ride (Criminal Minded)

13-like it or not (Mr. Trippalot & Dinero)

14-do what you do (Dinero & Mr. trippalot)

15-balas y madrisa (Mr. Trippalot)

16-when will i die (Dinero & Mr. Trippalot)

17-wanna be (Dinero & Trippalot)

18-on the grind (Ese G feat. Mr. Trippalot & Dinero, Risky & lil Sneaks)

19-Killa cali (Dinero)

20-why they hate (Lil Joker)

21-protect mine (Klepto)

Underworld 8-0-5 Presents:Brownhood Underworld be the Name 2002

01-whos the one feat.(Young Spanks)

02-lyrical homicide
03-you can't phase me
04-southern cali rollin
05-throw your hands up
06-since weve been togeth
07-two times crazy
08-str8 up chingon
09-it's time to party
10-tha neighborhood bar
11-i miss my homie
12-just bustin

MC Luka Ponte Trucha en la Capirucha



08 novembro 2008

Hi Power Ent. Presents:Mr. Criminal Hood Affiliated 2008

02-calling out lames
03-hood affiliated
04-west coast feat.(HPG'z)
05-i make em bounce feat.(Mr. Silent & Ese Script)
06-always on the front line feat.(Mr. Silent & Ese Villen)
07-559 rider
08-let it be know
09-my time to shine feat.(Ese Script)
10-ready 4 war feat.(Daffy & Ese Villen)
11-e/s to w/s feat.(Mr. Conejo & Abu)
12-what you know about me
13-youngsters from the streets feat.( Ese Bandit)
14-ride n smoke 2 feat.(Ese Script)
15- outro

Fingazz The Late Night Hype vol. 2 2008

01-intro (Fingazz)
02-wassup it up (The Majors feat. Fingazz)
03-so fly (Rush feat. Fingazz)
04-get'em girl (Lunch feat. Ray J)remix
05-spot light (Rel feat. Ray J)
06-skit (Fingazz)
07-year around hustler (Duce Mob)
08-don't want you to know (Julipilat Girl)
09-forever (Angie B feat. Diamonique)
10-back to you (Veze Skante feat. Myla)
11-best friend (Lil Cuete feat. Fingazz)
12-cross the line (Tre feat. Malissa Lujan)
13-skit (Fingazz)
14-i'm sprung (La La)
15-the west (Steelo)
16-whats on my mind (Roscoe)
17-outro (Fingazz)

04 novembro 2008

Cap-n1ne Days of my Life 2008

02-darkside of life feat.(Wreck of the Wicked Minds)
03-fend up
05-days of my life
06-back up feat.(Ronnie Bumps of the Hoodstock & Teknikkz)
07-stay grindin feat.(Stomper of the Soldier Ink. & Teknikkz)
08-a grown woman feat.(D-Vocalist)
09-way of the ninja feat.(Teknikkz)
10-hustla feat.(Stud Sucram & El Demonio)
11-time like now
12-my story feat.(Teknikkz)
13-buried and forgoteen (interlude)

Lil Rob 1218 part 2 2008

01-bringing it back
02-slow it down
03-leanin on the weekend
04-brown side
05-let's go
06-let me come back
07-bang bang boogie
08-fast life
09-microphone rippin
10-cortez shoes
12-stuck with you
13-out of my mind
14-do it
15-just one of those days
16-stick up

03 novembro 2008

Wicked Minds Presents: Da Compilation vol.1

01-commin to y
02-old stand by
03-on a sunday
04-i slap that
05-keep it lit
06-dream on
08-i'ts a man'
10-wicked mind
11-who's down
12-we represent
14-tonight is
15-just my ima
16-how will sh.....
17-pocket full

Brownside Presents: Wicked One out of Many 2008

01-no stopping this

02-gangsta life (Remix ''13 Reasons)
04-candy girl
05-pinche pelones feat.(Toker)
06-at any cost
07-i dont' know why
08-on lock feat.(Dido Brown)
09-it aint eazy
10-roll with us
11-one out of many
12-lil homies feat.(Trouble)
13-missing u
14-snippets from brownside the take over disc
15-snippets from brownside 13 reasons disc

Brownside Presents: Wicked Wicked's Transa 2002

01-roll with us
02-no bullshittin'
03-holding it down
04-juici pussy
05-it ain't eazy
06-pinche pelones

Brownside Presents: Wicked Mr. Bald & Brown 2003

01-streets we walk
02-evil side nights
03-in my sight
04-bold and brown
06-moton y mueren
07-so ruff
08-did she
09-dedicated (intro)
10-don't cry
11-look thru my eyes
12-ride with pride
13-people vs toker
14-three piece puzzle
15-trucha (outro)

01 novembro 2008

Wicked Minds Presents: Legion for we are Many 2008

01-double trouble feat.(Lil Bam Bam & Lil Wreck)
02-still here feat.(baby Wicked)
03-a homie like me feat.(Rocky Padilla)
04-old stand by feat.(Zig Zag , Cecy B & Weeto)
05-defboy 4 life feat. (Lil Wreck)
06-coming home feat.(pete Loc & Becca)
07-throw your hands up feat.(Ese Daz, Duce & Becca)
08-we lose everything
09-its alright
10-don't push me feat.(Duce)
11-creeping feat.(Becca)
12-me la vas a pagar feat.(Becca)
13-voices 2 feat.(Nino Brown)
14-the wicked thatmen do feat.(L.Boy)
15-my name is wreck
16-die by the fun feat.(Frost & L.Boy)
17-bounce skate hustle feat.(Lil Blacky)
18-international feat.(Rabbit, Face, Vago & Cano)

Wicked Minds Presents: Wreck Pocket Full of Quarters 2001


03-da hairy monsta
04-my bitch nigga eata
05-thugs in batle
06-pocket full of quarters
07-hijo de mama
10-whatcha gonna do
11-periodico de ayer
12-in L.A.
13-the only one
14-bonus track
15-let it bounce

Wicked Minds Presents: Illuminati 2007

01-da gift and da curse (Wreck)
02-ya sweet thang (Wreck)
03-left me lonely (Lil Wreck)
04-before all this (Ese Grouch)
05-da payback (Wreck feat. Clika One)
06-da show must go on (Chino Grande feat. Wreck)
07-da youngest (Lil Wreck feat. Lil Blacky)
08-hit and run (Cuete feat. Duce & Wreck)
09-da dumb bitch song (Baby Wicked feat. Wreck)
10-d4ms reminiscin (Wreck feat. Youngster)
11-whats going on (Slow Pain feat. Bugzy, Rabbit & Wreck)
12-face we puts it down (Wreck feat. Big Haz)
13-whats love (Wreck)
14-thankful (Wreck feat. Face B)
15-spring love 2007(Pitful feat. Stevie-B & Wreck)
16-back in tha dayz (Wreck)
17-4getmenots (Wreck)
18-move (Lil Wreck feat. Nino Brown & Wreck)
19-the beast (Lil Wreck)

Wicked Minds Presents: Mr. Chino Grande Gangster by Blood 2005

01-intro (Danny De la Paz)
02-my life is
03-callin my name feat.(B. Jokes, Minor & Bandit)
04-funkaholic feat. (Woody & Wreck)
05-g-skit feat. (Wicked Willie)
06-blood spills feat. (Travie & Snipes)
07-keep it pimpin feat.(Cali life Style)
09-you never know feat.(La Shadie)
10-i'm a ride feat.(B Jokes)
11-gangster like that feat.(Minor & Snipes)
12-play some funk feat.(Woody & Wreck)
13-county jail blues feat.(Travie & Rocky Padilla)
14-cant see me feat.(Slowpain, Travie & Dave)
15-cinco de mayo raza holiday feat.(Frost & Rocky Padilla)
16-in the club feat. (Big Dave)
17-gangster by blood feat. (Don Cisco)
18-outro feat.(Alrat0)
19-comming soon

Wicked Minds Presents: The Unforgiven 2004

01-intro (ALT, Da Funkmeista, Frost, Lil Rob, Slowpain & Wicked Minds)
02-the unforgiven (outro) (AC the Promoter & Wicked Minds)
03-hoodrats need lovin too (Cecy B & Wicked Minds)
04-the greatest pleasure & greatest pain (Cecy B & Wicked Minds)
05-murder musica (Lil Rob, Clika One & Wicked Minds)
06-california (Eriq, Frank V, ODM, Wicked Minds & Woody da Funkmeista)
07-how many hoes you know (Lil Blacky, Lil Demon & Slowpain)
08-funkaholic (Mr. Shadow, Woody da Funmeista & Wicked Minds)
09-da good die young (Nino Brown, Romero & Wicked Minds)
10-chainsaw (Wicked Minds)
11-hate and betrail (Wicked Minds)
12-keep it gangster (Wicked Minds)
13-let it bounce (Wicked Minds)
14-nights like this (Wicked Minds)
15-payback (Wicked Minds)
16-the eighteenth angel (Wicked Minds)
17-the unforgiven (Wicked Minds)
18-the unforgiven 2 (Wicked Minds)