08 novembro 2008

Fingazz The Late Night Hype vol. 2 2008

01-intro (Fingazz)
02-wassup it up (The Majors feat. Fingazz)
03-so fly (Rush feat. Fingazz)
04-get'em girl (Lunch feat. Ray J)remix
05-spot light (Rel feat. Ray J)
06-skit (Fingazz)
07-year around hustler (Duce Mob)
08-don't want you to know (Julipilat Girl)
09-forever (Angie B feat. Diamonique)
10-back to you (Veze Skante feat. Myla)
11-best friend (Lil Cuete feat. Fingazz)
12-cross the line (Tre feat. Malissa Lujan)
13-skit (Fingazz)
14-i'm sprung (La La)
15-the west (Steelo)
16-whats on my mind (Roscoe)
17-outro (Fingazz)

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tyvianc disse...

¿Puede volver a cargar esto con un nuevo enlace a mediafire? Por Favor!!!! Can you reupload this with a new link by mediafire please??