13 novembro 2008

Low Profile Presents: VA Chicano Rap Jams Vol.1 2008

01-baby girl (Mr. Sancho & Baby Bash)
02-silencers oldie (Mr. Sancho & Royal T)
03-golden state (Greedy Loco & Mr. Sancho)
04-blaze that fire (LPG'z)
05-get out the way (Mr. Shadow)
06-real g's (LPG'z)
07-caught up (Greedy Loco)
08-you (Mr. Sancho)
09-i stay riding (LPG'z)
10-home of riders (LPG'z)
11-things we face in L.P.G. (LPG'z)
12-mind of a gangster (LPG'z)
13-bouce it like a 64 (LPG'z)
14-special type of a lady (OG Playboy)
15-girl like you (LPG'Z)
16-im not your puppet (Mr. Sancho & Silencer)remix
17-daddys little girl (Ms. Sancha)
18-try to down me (Lil Rob)
19-lowpromix (LPG'z)


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Anônimo disse...

Man, I totally agree on that.

There's just way too many fools out there that can't just get it.

In fact, I was fightin with my best friend jon yesterday about this, and
they wouldn't admit to me that he was wrong. Now I can just show them your blog :)