26 maio 2009

Rocky Padilla - Raider Nation -2009

01-Raider Nation



04-Da Boosh

05-Rock With Me

06-This Is What Were Bringing

07-Something About My Steelo

08-Hacienda Heights

09-Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy

10-Ready to Bang

11-I Know

12-California Ryders

13-Gee's and Hustlers

14-Raza Holiday

15-This Is For the Gee's

16-Raider Nation Reggaton

17-Raider Nation Old School

18-Raider Nation Club Mix

SSOL West Coast Certified 2009

01-Cali Weekend (feat. Dominator)

02-Eight O Five (feat. Daze)

03-Perfect Day (feat. Delux & Dominator)

04-Good Times (feat. Sara-S & Lil Vandal)

05-Connected (feat. Two-J)

06-Ride For The Coast (feat. Beebz)

07-Party High (feat. Daze & J-Locc)

08-California Paradise (feat. Weeto)

09-West Coast Certified

10-Where Im From (feat. Lil Vandal)

11-Light Your Blunts (feat. Daze & Weeto)

12-Just Getting Started (feat. S-ara-S & Dominator)

13-We Make That G-Funk

14-805 To The 714 (feat. Casual)

15-At The Club (feat. Dominator)

16-Aint A Damn Thing Changed (feat. J-Locc)

17 maio 2009

Hi Power Ent. Presents:South Side Original Oldies 2009

1-South Side Oldies [Intro]
2-We Can't Do What We Want - (with Script Loc)
3-Lil' Oldie Jam, A - (with Malow Mac)
4-Chillin' On Da Block - (with Mr. Conejo)
5-Touch N' Feel - (with Menace)
6-No Matter What You Say - (with Samantha Latino/Mr. Silent)
7-I Had a Choice - (with Mr. Capone-E)
8-Like a Fantasy - (with Script Loc)
9-Love the One Your With - (with Miss Lady Pinks)
10-I May Let You Know - (with Script Loc)
11-When I Was a Little Boy - (with Ese Villen/Ron Ellison)
12-She's a Classic - (with Mr. Capone-E)
13-Tell It Like It is - (with Mr. Capone-E)
14-Just Another Day - (with Samantha Latino/Mr. Silent)
15-South Side Oldies - Outro

Lockdown Presents: Lil Yogi True Storyz 2009

1-Dreaming My Life Away
2-Can I Take You Home
3-Call The Cops
4-Street Talk
5-Everywhere I Go
6-Thats Gangster
7-So Tasty
8-Soldiers Ambition
9-Cant See Me
10-Move Your Body
11-Riderz Mentality
12-Shake It Like A Freak
13-Going Crazy
14-The Massacre
15-Best Rapper Alive
16-Game Is Mine
17-One On One
18-The Real
19-Hood Rich

11 maio 2009

Urban Kings Presents: Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2009

01-Used To Be My Side Kick- Baby Jokes Featuring Jasper, Myke Nez (Charlie Row)
02-hinking About Them (I Cant Wait) -Chino Grande Featuring Rocky Padilla and D. Salas (CrC)
03-Still My Everything- Payaso
04-No One Compares To You-Midget Loco
05-Feeling Crazy-Ms Krazie, Mal Hablado
06-The Prettiest Girl-Blanco Featuring Tony Talkbox
07-Like Cherries On Top- Lil Minor (Charlie row Campo)
08-All My Love-Lil Minor (Charlie row Campo)- Sweepy G
09-Myspace Baby-Midget Loco, Fiesty, Tripper Loco, Johnny Boy
10-Tu Sabes Que Te Amo-Toro Loco (Steel Banging Music)
11-Get Close To You-Feat. DTTX (Lighter Shade of Brown) & Selo
13-Love Has Died-JMG
14-When I Die- Cuete
15-What's It All About- Lil Blacky Feat Lil Sicko
16-The Way You Treat Me- Loco Merro

06 maio 2009

Charlie Row Campo Presents: Southern Gang Violence 2009

1-Intro (C-row & Lil Minor)
2-West Coast (Skandle Oso,fiesty 2 Gunns,baby Jokes,chino Grande,Jasper,Troub Nasty)
3-Too Hot (Lil Minor,Fiesty 2 Gunns,Chino Grande,Eddie Cane)
4-Bloody War (Fiesty 2 Gunns)
5-Pressin On (Fiesty 2 Gunns,chino Grande,Skandle Oso,baby Jokes,Lyrik)
6-Cant Cuff Me Up (Lil Minor,Dave Salas)
7-Im So Cool (Fiesty 2 Gunns,C-blunt,Chino Grande,eddie Cane)
8-All About My Paper (Lil Minor)
9-We Keep It Raw (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Troubs Nasty,Lil Minor)
10-Brought Down (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Skandle Oso,baby Jokes,Chino Grande)
11-We Come From The Valley (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Kozme)
12-Dont Test My Gangster (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Troubs Nasty,Skandle Oso,Huero Snipes)
13-The Life I Lead (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Baby Jokes,Betty Boo)
14-All Night (Troubs Nasty,fiesty 2 Gunns,Lil Minor)
15-Restless (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Skandle Oso,Chino Grande,Eddie Cane)
16-Murder (Chino Grande,Jasper,Fiesty 2 Gunns,Lyrik)

05 maio 2009

Hi Power Ent. Presents:Miss Lady Pinks The Agony & The Ex-Tacy 2009

02-I'm Back
03-I Don't Care (Feat. Mc Magic & Samantha Latino)
04-My Friend (Feat. Mr. Capone-E & Samantha Latino)
05-Skit (Cinco De Mayo)
06-The Game Is Over
07-Kill 4 Thrills (Feat. Ese Menace)
08-Ladies Night Out
09-F**k Our Enemies
10-The Way Life Goes (Feat. Samantha Latino)
11-Hot Line
12-Love The One You're With (Feat. Jon Izie)
13-Skit (Voicemail)
14-Show Me (Feat. Mr. Capone-E)
15-Dedicated 2 The Ladies (Feat. Mr. Criminal)
16-Just Like That (Feat. Malow Mac)
17-Take Me 2 Ex-Tacy (Feat. Mr. Capone-E)
18-Sexxxy (Feat. Suga Free & Jon Izie)
19-Skit (Wake Up Call)
20-Lets Get High (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Bizzy Bone, Malow Mac & Jon Izie)

02 maio 2009

Lost Soul Oldies vol.1----15 (repost)

(Direct Download----vol.1 to vol. 15)

Sick Jacken Stray Bullets 2009 (retail)

01-Live from the Caves ft. (Donnie Castro & Cynic)

02-the Sickside ft. (B-Real)

03-Praying Mantis (Goon Life Remix) ft. (DJ Muggs)

04-the Fall of Us ft. (Black N Brown Underground)

05-Ceremonial Slang ft. (DJ FM & Planet Asia)

06-Out Here (Remix) ft. (The Concrete Saints)

07-Death Frees Every Soul ft. (DJ Muggs vs. Planet Asia)

08-the Society of Psychos ft. (The Society Of Invisibles)

09-Sick Life ft. (The Snowgoons, Cynic & Bacardi Riam)

10-Hollywood Drive By (Remix) ft. (Immortal Technique & B-Real)

11-Trial and Adversity ft. (Cynic & The Concrete Saints)

12-Angels & Demons (DJ FM Remix) ft. (DJ FM & Killah Priest)

13-Metal Rain ft. (Cynic)

14-Black & Brown Army ft. (DJ Babu & Chace Infinite)

15-Sinister ft. (Swollen Members)

16-Death or Retirement ft. (Toomer, 2Mex & B-Real)

17-Born in L.A. ft. (Evidence & Chace Infinite)

18-Life, Luv, & Pain ft. (Young Sicc)

19-Paid Dues ft. (Murs & Supernatural)