30 dezembro 2008

Juan Gotti Texas es Mexico 2008

02-en mi vencidad feat. (Latin Assasin)
03-ojo por ojo feat. (Latin Assasin)
04-one time
05-dedication (Skit)
06-tru mexicano feat. (Snipes & J Big)
07-watch them go
08-side 2 side
09-cuando pasas por mi barrio
10-i don't dance
11-top gunner
12-juan ramos
13-you can't see me feat. (Rasheed)
14-baby give it 2 me feat. (Big Rob & J Big)
15-aint no love
16-down ass vatos
17-bonus track

28 dezembro 2008

Frost When Hell a Freezes Over 1997

01-mexican border
04-heaven and hell
05-rock on
06-heaven sent
07-g spot (interlude)
08-anotha day anotha dolla
09-nothing in this world
10-chema otro leno mas
11-reunited (lo riding)
12-from my block to your block
13-get down (make it hot big daddy make it hot)
14-youre a big girl
15-whats your name

Frost That Was Then This is Now vol.1 1999

01-something 4 the ridas
02-outlaws feat. (Kurupt & King T)
03-milk & honey
04-turn it into something
05-act like ya want it feat. (Nino B, Jay Tee, Rappin-4-Tay, Cameosis & Don Cisco)
05-the game remains the same
06-heart of a savage feat. (B-Legit & Richie Rich)
07-latin kings feat. (Mad 1 & Shysti)
09-diamonds & pearls feat. (Roger (Zapp) & Cameosis)
10-big business feat.( Xzibit & Jayo Felony)
11-feria feat. (Latino Velvet)
12-los katrachos feat. (SPM, Lo-g, Mad 1 & Mr. G (Lawless))
13-the pain feat. (Nino Brown & Don Cisco)

Kid Frost AkA Frost Hispanic Causing Panic 1990

01-la raza
02-hold your own
03-straight to the bank
04-come together
06-ya estuvo
08-hispanic causing panic
09-in the city
10-la raza (cantina mix)

Frost That Was Then This is Now vol. 2 2000

01-life of a g
02-click bang
03-six milion ways to die
04-club thugs
05-west coast lowrider
06-thug shit
07-ice cold
08-one shot
09-that's all a gangsta needs
11-celeb ent
12-choo choo train
13-what these g's is cookin
14-speak on you

Frost Still up in This Shit 2001

02-follow us
03-ghetto curse
04-put in work
05-everybody knows
06-where my ese's at
07-my primos
08-natural born hustlers
09-hit a lick auditions
10-got what u want
11-nu bitch nu twist
12-i'm still here
13-para mi abuelita

Frost Greatest Joints 2001

01-la raza
02-no sunshine
03-thin line
04-mi vida loca
05-low rider (on the boulevard)
06-eastside rendezvouz
07-la familia
08-la raza 2
09-latin kings
10-diamonds & pearls
12-westcoast lowrider
13-raza park
14-bump that ass
15-let's ride
16-this is 4 the homies

Frost Presents: Raza Radio 2002

01-intro (Raza Radio)
02-la raza (Frost)
03-on a sunday afternoon (Lighter Shade of Brown)
04-commercial (Raza Radio)
05-lowride (G'Fellas & Frost)
06-velvet city (Latino Velvet)
07-commercial (Raza Radio)
08-all night (N2Deep)
09-na na (Baby Besh)
10-telly (Latino Velvet)
11-diamonds & pearls (Frost)
12-back 2 the hotel (N2Deep)
13-morena (Funky Aztecs)
14-commercial (Raza Radio)
15-raza park (Latino Velvet)
16-breezy (Latino Velvet)
17-commercial (Raza Radio)
18-call me (Jay Tee, Mr. Kee & Don Cisco)
19-commercial (Raza Radio)
20-how'd you do me like that (Jay Tee)
21-what's goin' on (Jay Tee, Baby Besh & Frost)
22-commercial (Raza Radio)
23-mentirosa (Melow Man Ace)

27 dezembro 2008

Frost Welcome to Frost Angeles 2005

01-Welcome to Frost Angeles - (with Cash/Weeto/Troy O)
02-So Kold
03-When the Lights Go Down - (with Genovese)
04-Tha Kaper - (with Jay Tee/Cameosis)
05-It's Tha Kid
06-Can Not F*** Wit These Gangsta's - (with Bad Boy)
07-It Ain't Tha Same
08-Shake Them Ho's
09-Til the Morning Light - (with Krystal)
10-Los Borachos - (with Vato Loco Tone)
11-We Run Sh**
12-Think We Playin - (with Tonic/Kree/RYU/Bad Boy)
13-My Reincarnation - (Bone Us Track)

Frost The Best of Frost (The Remix Album) by Lowprofile 2006

02-eastside rondevouz feat. (OG. Playboy & Royal T)
03-la raza
04-family affair feat. (Mr. Sancho)
05-thin line
06-lpg radio show feat. (Fat Juan Jose Luis)
07-lpg radio show 2 feat. (Fat Juan Jose Luis)
08-no sunshine
09-soy mexicanos feat. (Mr. Sancho)
10-im on my way girl feat. (Silencer & Mr. Sancho)
11-girl like you feat. (Mr. Sancho, Bullet Nasty & Lil Bandit)
12-everywhere i go
13-all Around the world feat. (Royal T, Lil Bandit, Mr. Sancho, Greedy Loco, Payaso & Bullet Nasty)
14-maryjane feat. (Mr. Sancho & MS. Sancha)
15-we put it down 4 the westcoast feat. (Westcoast Criminals)

Frost Smile Now, Die Later 1995

26 dezembro 2008

Frost Greatest Joints Dos 2003

01-something for the riders
02-wht's your name (time of the season)
04-hittin switches feat. (Funky Aztecs)
05-tears of a mother feat. (Ice T)
06-los katrachos feat. (South Park Mexican)
07-whats going on feat.( Latino Velvet)
08-outlaws feat. (King Tee & Kurupt)
09-six million ways to die feat. (Clicka 1)
10-speak on you feat. (levitti & Nino Brown)
11-big business feat. (jayo Felony & Xzibit)
12-you're no good
13-on the skeena feat. Baby Besh, mr. Gee & Weeto)

23 dezembro 2008

Frost For The Homegirls (Gold Series Collectors Edition)2006

01-thin line
02-crazy love
03-eastside rendevous
04-diamond & pearls feat. (Roger Troutman)
05-your a big girl now
06-whats your name
07-your no good
08-mamacita feat. (Kurupt , Soopafly & Don Cisco)
09-heaven sent
10-whats going on
12-i'm still here feat. (Tierra)
13-if you leave me feat. (Bizz)

22 dezembro 2008

Frost For The Homeboys (Gold Series Collector’s Edition) 2006


21 dezembro 2008

Frost Blunts n Ballerz 2007

01-got bud feat. (Nino Brown, Cisco & Mr. Gee)
02-promise me
03-all nighters feat. (Latino Velvet)
04-frost angeles
05-hustlers e ballerz feat. (Slow Pain)
06-west coast lowriders feat. (Clicka 1)
07-anything you want feat. (Weeto)
08-bump dat ass feat. (ALT, Slow Pain, JV & Rocky Padilla)
09-dog u out feat. (JV & Nabahood Queen)
10-six milion ways to die feat. (Clicka 1)
12-slow down feat. (JV)
13-se movia
14-this is 4 the homies

MaddGlock Presents: Snapper Con-Nect part 2 The Sequel 2003

18 dezembro 2008

VA- Chicano Rap Game vol. 1 2008

01-intro (Lil Man)

02-it's chicano rap (Mr. Blue, Loco Sniper & Young Spanks)

03-da kick back (Sicoe)

04-good times (Lil Creeper & Mr. Toks)

05-dia por dia (Flendo, Poyo Loko & Mr. Demente)

06-another crazy weekend (Fuska Loco)

07-welcome to real life (Mr. Melow)

08-watcha gonna do (GD'up Gangsters)

09-stop hating on me (Loco Sniper & Mr. Blue)

10-i cant sleep (Siccness)

11-ride with me (Yogie Boy & Oso)

12-puttin in work (Suspekt)

13-this is how we bang (Young Sicc & Fuska Loco)


15-kriminale (Ese Perro)

16-westcoast neva die (Raskal)

17-still here (GDU'p Gangsters)

18-true blue sureño (Centroside Records)

19-freestyle (Ese Perro)

20-city of roses (Mr. melow & Oso)

21-new west (Fuska, Sicoe & Yogie)

22-put me down (Oso)

23-when i look at you (Suspekt\)


25-when we roll (Rey)

17 dezembro 2008

Mr. June Bug Sittin' in the Park 2000

02-in my neighborhood
03-watcha gonna do
04-sittin' in the park
05-get that money
06-why do you wanna fuck with me
07-is it cuz your a girl
08-west coast ridah
09-fellin' kinda high
10-living in the neighborhood

16 dezembro 2008

Johnny Boy Presents: Silent Soldados 2003

01-page 1
02-mafia ties
03-the green light
04-bring it on
05-are you prepared to die
06-breaking news
07-eastside connection
08-killers don't talk
09-never let you down
10-70tru love
11-i didn't realize
12-i got to do it
13-no more tears

15 dezembro 2008

Buyo Rider fo Sho The Mixtape 2008

01-hood certified feat. (Jokaboy)
02-mold a bitch feat. (Jokaboy, Loco Negro & Conejo)
04-the intro
05-the trap
06-who got tha bottle

14 dezembro 2008

MaddGlock Presents: Snapper Sur Walk 2007

01-intro (Maddglock Click)
02-sur walk
03-do ti right feat. (Macks & Smilon)
04-too gangsters 4 the radio
07-stay strapped feat. (Gambino)
08-i can make you run
09-ain't not sunshine
10-memory lane feat. (Chenice)
11-can't be stoped
12-don't push me
13-prelude-all about them dollars
14-southside academy feat. (Pink & Varsi)
15-open up the cell feat. (Shadow & Macks)
16-paid my dues
17-i stay up
18-outro feat.( Maddglock Click)
19-trese rasones (Brownside)snippets

Fingazz Presents: Classics for the OG's vol. 2 2008

03-footsteps in the dark
04-summer breeze
05-the homeboy skit feat. (Lil Rob)
06-didnt i blow your mind
07-cold blooded
08-yearing 4 your love
09-ooh baby baby
10-the homegirl skit feat. (La La)
12-love tko
13-rock with you
15-sexy buddy feat. (Roscoe) bonus track
16-i miss you bonus track

Urban Kings Presents: MTO Southbay Allstar 2008

02-southbay allstar feat. (Bianca Ayala)
03-knight and shining armor feat. (Kozme)
04-you & me feat. (Aldo Rodriguez)
05-ride 4 the west feat. (DTTX, Mal Hablado & Dreamnasty)
06-my last day feat. (Bianca Ayala)
07-baby dont go feat. (Bobby Anthony, Kaos & DC)
08-my life feat. (Double O)
09-without you remix feat. (Fingazz, Kaos & DC)
10-be there 4 you feat. (Joyce)
11-crush on you feat. (Kaos)
12-mto mix (By DJ Satoru)
13-illusions feat. (David Wade)
14-hollywood feat. (OG Spanish Fly & Stalker)
15-what you know feat. (Frank V & Sleepy Malo)

Lawless Wild, Wild, West 2003

01-ride with me
02-mc's feat. (mr. Shadow)
03-top rank
04-give it up feat. (C-Blunt)
05-it don't stop feat. (Merciless)
06-fk just no peace
07-it's in the blood
08-for the gangsters
09-homicide feat. (Nino Brown & Frost)
11-baze it up
12-live fast, die young feat. (Chi-Chi Yay)
13-get your slide on

Urban Kings Presents: Sweepy G Insane Wicked Sureños 2006

01-for you baby
02-friday night feat. (Chino Grande)
03-watch out feat. (Ms. Krazie)
04-it aint easy feat.( Kachy & Chino Grande)
05-straight thugin feat. (Blur)
06-summer cali feat. (Mr. Vic & Dreama)
07-new generation
08-wanna talk shit feat. (Chino Grande)
09-fat nut sack feat. (Blur)
10-bbbbbiatch feat. (Slangs)
12-just to let you know feat. (Kachy)
13-strugling feat. (Kachy & Chino Grande)
14-run away with me (Chino Grande)
15-snippets (califa Mafiosos)
16-so gangsta snippets (Mr. Vic)
17-homegirls firme oldies snippets intro (Ms. Krazie)
18-homegirls firme oldies snippets (Ms. Krazie)
19-outro (VA Urban Kings)