29 setembro 2008

Singles 2008

Queena Montana y Spanky Loco


28 setembro 2008

Lil Blacky Come and Get it 2008

02-what u gonna do feat.(Mak & Bleeze)
03-gettin money feat.(Killa D & Lil Sicko)
04-gangsta feat.(Slow Pain, Trav, Killa D & Mak)
05-californ i-e feat.( M1 & Mak)
06-sick criminals feat.(Mr. Criminal, Cuete & Lil Sicko)remix
07-smoke on the bomb feat.(Lil Sicko, Trav & Pops)
08-roll wit em feat.(Lil Sicko, Pops & Trav)
09-smash out feat.(Brown Boy, Malow Mac & Lil Sicko)
10-ride on em
11-that reat feat.(Killa D)
12-drug money feat.(Trav & Lil Sicko)
13-east side when i ride feat.(Lil Sicko & Trav)
14-no more feat.(Pops, Trav & Killa D)
15-we doing it feat.(Trav & Mister One)


Urban Kings presents:Brown Pride Soldiers 2008

01-the new connection (Slush the Villain feat. Midjet Loco & Stomper)
02-colors (lil Man feat. Mad Dog)
03-brown pride soldiers (Midjet Loco)
04-still the same (Travieso feat. Payaso)
05-its kinda sad (Mr. Chino Grande)
06-76 bars (Stomper)
07-gangsterd up ( Ese Lil Joker)
08-brownsville (Bugsy feat. Conejo & Capone)
09-live and die (Joker)
10-up to no good (Mz. Krazie feat. Midjet Loco)
11-for the homies (Mr. Chino Grande)
12-whatem (Lil Sicko feat. Trav)
13-the loco and the loca (Mz. Krazie feat. Midjet Loco)
14-evening news (Cuete Yeska feat. Sen Dog)
15-living my life (Baby Jokes feat. Travie, Midjet Loco & Chino Grande)
16-sounds of the brown (Outtahand feat. Mr. Blue)
17-aint nothing changed (sweepy g feat. Kachy)
18-my mind just erupted ( Conejo)
19-bonus track (V.A.)
20-bonus track 2 (V. A.)

Brown Boy Livin Shady 2007

02-livin shady
03-i'm yours (Album Version)
06-let's ride
07-get away
08-please don't go
09-shook up
10-them thangs
11-you're the one
12-all i ever wanted
13-come back to me
14-let the music play
16-i'm yours (Radio version)
17-livin shady (Diva Reggaetton mix)

27 setembro 2008

Frost Till the Wheels Fall of 2006

01-till the wheels fall of
02-down your block feat.(Fingazz)
03-take a ride feat.(Mr. Sancho & Bullet Nasty)
04-baby girl feat.(Mr. Sancho & Baby Bash)
05-city of angels feat.(Scoop & Fingazz)
06-i need your love feat.(Mr. Sancho & Fingazz)
07-in the back of my "Low Low'' feat.(Big Capone & Fingazz)
08-for the brown
09-pra mi familia feat.(Mr. Sancho)
10-if you leave me feat.(Mr. Sancho)
11-ride with me feat.(Mr. Sancho & Bizz)
12-thug bitch feat.(Bizz)
13-goin down feat.(Scoop & Fingazz)
14-eastside rendevouz feat.(Royal T, OG Playboy & Fingazz) mix

El Magico De Las Calles 2007

03-es el magico
04-estamos locos
05-hasta que la muerte nos separe
06-la verdad
09-no todo esta mal
12-quien es el culpable
13-es mejor
14-en el olvido
16-no hay salida
18-es otro dia

09 setembro 2008

Streets of Cali Ent. presents: Snoopy Straight from the Streets 2008

02-straight from the streets feat.(Mr Criminal)
03-under the sun feat.(Dominator)
04-mija feat.(Mr. Criminal & Dominator)
05-west coast weekend feat.(Mr. Capone-e & Freda)
06-everysingle day feat.(Suspect & The Homies)
07-bounce feat.(Cyclone)
09-you are the one feat.(David Wade)
10-summertime 08 feat.(Mr. Criminal & Samantha)
11-everysingle day remix feat.(Paul Dateh)
12-at the park feat.(Mr. Capone-e & Freda)
13-with you feat.(Mr. Criminal & Paul Dateh)

06 setembro 2008


04 setembro 2008

Merro Streets on Lock ''watch me prevail''2008

01-streets on lock

02-we be some riders feat.(Mr. Knightowl & C.G.)

03-varrio reppin feat.(C.G.)

04-valas fly feat.(C.G.)

05-walking in the rain feat.(C.G.)

06-make it last forever feat.(C.G.)

07-baby dont go feat.(C.G.)

08-on my grind

09-posted on the block feat.(Big Sloan & Big Rock)

10-life of a killer feat.(Slush tha Villain & Sniper)

11-chosen few feat.(Wicked from Brownside)

12-always stay true feat.(Payaso & Young Chino)

13-gangster sounds feat.(Lil Wisper & C.G.)

14-we put it down

15-shot outs

01 setembro 2008

Mr. Trippalot Reckless Life 2008

1- What Is It
2 -I'm From South Central
3 -Grown Up Crazy
4- Young Homie
5- Reckless Life
6- On The Southside
7- About My Lady
8- Don't Close Your Eye's
9- On The Eastside
10- What's Going On
11- Trucha Feat. (Knightowl)
12- True Stories
13- OG In Cali
14- How Can You Say
15- Survivin'
16- Neigborhood Action
17- In The Varrio Feat. (Dinero)
18- Tell Me
19- Time Don't Lie
20- Walk With Me

Sen Dog Diary of a Mad Dog mixtape 2008 (Previem disc) no complete album



03-biggy bang

04-hard in the paint



07-what what

08-backin up my gang

09-dont sleep on the streets


OBS:o disco está incompleto...são 16 faixas no vai uma prévia do disco que será oficialmente lançado em 30 de setembro...então é só baixa e conferi...

Lil Blacky Mr. Super Baller Mixtape 2008

01-baby bash intro

02-in my hood feat.(Bleeze, Sleepy Malo & Angel)

03-west coast rider

04-makin money feat.(Lil Sicko & Bleeze)

05-my every thang

06-how we do it feat.(Trav, Pops & Killa D)

07-shawty's on fire feat.(Bleeze, J Money & Lazy)

08-personal feat.(Lil Sicko & Mak)

09-what ever u want feat.(DTTX & Selo)

10-come & get some feat.(Lil Sicko & Killa D)

11-i understand feat.(Vanessa Holloway)

12-up in the club feat.(DTTX & J Money)

13-slow down feat.(Doll-e-Girl, Weeto & Sicko)

14-the way you do it

15-west coast rider remix feat.(Chino Grande, Cuete, Malow Mac & Wreck)