20 fevereiro 2009

La Coka Nostra - Brand Name Dope EP (2009)

Salveee,esse é pra você Vato!!!cata ai rapaz...

01.I’m An American ft. B-Real
02.Box Cutta
03.Fuck Tony Montana ft. B-Real & Sick Jacken
04.I’m A Goon
05.Say I Was Slaine
07.That’s Coke
08.I’m An American ft. B-Real (Music Video)
09.That’s Coke (Music Video)

19 fevereiro 2009

Snipes Presents: The Homiez Day of the Dead 2008

01-day of the dead
02-growing up
03-feel good music feat. (Beebz & SSOL)
04-gun smoke
05-another summer day
06-west coast
07-paper stacken feat. (Mr. Criminal)
08-spit like me
09-friday night
10-baby girl
11-r.o.m.e. (riding on my enemies)
12-earn your stripes
13-seven fifty
14-phonecall message
15-no sigas hablando
16-ultima oracion

18 fevereiro 2009

Centro Side Presents: Front and Center 2008

01-if you feel like i feel
02-party in the centroside
03-this is 4 my homiez
04-no love
05-true blue sureños
06-wont you be my girl
08-summertime summertime
09-i'm a gangster homie
10-we stay riding
11-you cant stop me
12-sounds of the brown
13-such a great feelin
14-more than words can say
15-can't stop
16-down and dirty
17-steppin and reppin
18-this shit is gangster
19-deadly intentions
20-talk the talk

14 fevereiro 2009

Hi Power Ent. Presents; Mr. Blazer Homicide Park (Bootleg) 2009

02-a litle story
03-runnin the game feat. (Mr. Capone-e)
04-skit feat. (Sick Boy)
05-toothy girl
06-thugz don't play feat. (Shrapnel)
07-don't tripp
08-all dis hatin feat. (Elite 1 & Pleze 1)
09-homies makin
10-blazer radio skit
11-we came up feat. (Mr. Criminal)
12-love so hood
13-south side feat. (Pleze 1)
14-rain feat. (Pleze 1 & Wolf sparker)
15-da struggle
16-crunk tonite
17-smokin tuff
18-late night skit
19-ur sancho feat. (Miss lady Pinks)
20-sick ballin feat. (Malow Mac)
22-salute skit
23-da hardest camp feat. (Mr. Criminal)

V.A. 5 0 5 Underground Affiliated 2009

01-intro (VA)
02-wheres my gangsters at (T.Dre, Madogg & Mistah X)
03-lost in love (Mistah X, Ac & Ese Grouch)
04-intoxicated (Lil Wicked & Lil Silent)
05-we stay high (Mr. Jokes, Stalker & Mistah X)
06-down ass gz remix (Casual, G-funk & Mistah X)
07-this is howit goes (Mistah X, Mr. Jokes & G-Funk)
08-i remember (Ese Grouch & Wreck)
09-gangster party (Casual, Lyrical & Mistah X)
10-no trust no love (June Dog, Mistah X & T.Dre)
11-in your hood ( Sick ass Criminals & Mistah X)
12-untochables (Ese Silent, Lil Voe & Ese Grouch)
13-it goes bang (Ese lil Joker, Mistah X & Madogg)
14-who cold it be (Casual & Mistah X)
15-shut the fuck up (Ese Silent, Ese Grouch & Cap n1ne)
16-at the party (Sick ass Criminals & Mistah X)
17-down ass gz (Casual, Comedy, Lyrical & Mistah X)
18-505 to the 402 (Mistah X, Lil Silent & Los Locos)
19-always ready (Mr. Jokes & Mistah X)
20-still wondering (Primo & Mistah X)
21-sickest of them all (G-Funk & Mistah X)

12 fevereiro 2009

Latino Jam Presents: Cartel Latino Jam 2005

01-carload of mexicanos
02-whistle when you see the cops
03-slammed 2 the floor
04-one night only
05-radio waves
06-get your stripes
08-hold it down
10-mexican gangsta
11-hangin out the door
13-the criminals out
14-slammed 2 the floor (bonus track)

10 fevereiro 2009

Alienáticos-Faça o que faça,faça de coração

Alienáticos - Faça O Que Faça, Faça De Coração

1 - De Coração(part Lindomar 3L)
2 - Plantão Urgente
3 - Palco Cai
4 - Sinceridade
5 - periodo noturno
6 - Filmes Da TV
7 - OS Guerrilheiros
8 - Alienatic City (Part Marcelinho Beat Box e Sozin)
9 - Equissonância De Som (part F-Ney)
10 - Pular e empurar
11 - Por Que De
12 - Faça O Que Faça, Faça de Coração
13 - Original e Não Genérico
14 - Razões Para Viver (Part Robson)
15 - E Se For Rap (part Sozin)
16 - Outra Cara (part Sozin)
17 - Confusão
18 - G.E.D.A
19 - Salve, Salve
Obs: Participação Mano Mora Nas Faixas: (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16)


09 fevereiro 2009

West Side Cartel Fuck the Rest 2009

01-i'm from
02-pistol whiped
03-to all my gangsters
04-put it on my click
05-life of a gee
06-the real OC
07-can't be reached
08-watcha gonna do
09-danger side
11-back in progress
12-this is the place
13-i can't help it
14-put in work
15-por que te escondes (*spanish track)

Hi Power Ent. Presents: Gz Live in Europe 2009

01-makaveli on the track (HPG'z)
02-cali 2 colonge (mr. Capone-e, Ecko Fresh, Mr. Criminal & Malow Mac)
03-killa cali west coast (Mr. Capone-e, Mr. Criminal, Malow Mac & Mr. Blazer)
04-cant fuck with us (Mr. Capone-e, Mr. Criminal & Malow Mac)
05-we dont give a fuck (Mr. Capone-e, Mr. criminal, Malow mac & Mr. Blazer)
06-in this town (Mr. Criminal)
07-you get clowned (Malow Mac)
08-west coast (Mr. Capone-e, Mr. Criminal, Malow mac & Mr. Blazer)
09-still stompin (Malow Mac)
10-all around the world (Mr. Capone-e)
11-hood wise (Mr. Blazer)
12-overseas (Mr. Blazer)
13-when i come home (Mr. Capone-e, Mr. Criminal, Malow Mac & Mr. Blazer)
14-mak outro (HPG'z)

01 fevereiro 2009

Hi Power Ent. Presents: Malow Mac Street Life 2006

01-street life intro
02-living the street life
03-spitin fire
04-id rather be your t.h.u.g.g.
05-coming quick to getcha
07-i'm hustlin
08-it's south side
09-when i met you
10-this party is jumpin feat. (Lady Pinks)
11-were riders when we roll
12-your sexy ways
13-take a shot
14-malow mac underground interlude
15-hi-power megamix 2006

Python Bigg Shotz 2008

01-paper feat. (True Villanz)
02-riverside feat. (Malow Mac)
03-next 2 me
04-famous feat. (Lil Scrappy)
05-pimpin feat. (Sinek)
06-smashin thru your town feat. (True Villanz)
08-ghetto ballin
09-rollin feat. (40 Glocc & Kokane)
10-lolo feat. (Sueno)
12-true villanz feat. (True Villanz)
13-hi rollerz feat. (True Villanz & Bad Azz)
14-one life feat. (Rascal Maniac)
15-pass da liquor feat. (True Villanz)
16-true villanz feat. (True Villanz & Big Lokote)

G' d Up Gangsters Block Mussick 2008

01-dance (g d up mussick) feat. (Loco Sniper)
02-still here
03-gangsta feat. (Skaz)
04-cash and shit feat. (Mr. Groove)
05-california lifestyle feat. (Fuska Loco)
06-its so gangsta feat. (Madogg)
07-blued up
08-kern countys most wanted feat. (Young Spanks)
09-cognac sippaz feat. (Loco Life)
10-gangsta hit feat. (LA Troublez)
11-keep runnin feat. (Ese Ghost)
12-gangsta trust feat. (Skaz)
13-colors feat. (Madogg)

Fingazz Presents: WestCoast 2 Japan (streetlight mixtape) 2007

01-intro (Fingazz)
02-we rollin (Fingazz)
03-throw it up (Diamonique feat. 50 Caliber & Fingazz)
04-dubs up (50 Caliber feat. Fingazz & Diamonique)
05-get it on (Diamonique)
06-im bumpin (Diamonique)
07-dont step (Diamonique feat. Yun & Sage Baby)
08-i can make ya (Fingazz)
09-new west coast (Diamonique feat. 50 Caliber & Fingazz)
10-yella (50 Caliber)
11-westside party (Diamonique feat. Fingazz & 50 Caliber)

Chino Grande & Sickworld presents: The Sick and Wicked vol. 1 2004

01-wanna die feat. (Paya)
02-power moves feat. (Lyrik)
05-shady lady
06-L.A. knights feat. (Youngster & Wreck)
07-neighborhood tactiks feat. (Lil Blacky)
08-anybody killer feat. (Lyrik)
09-let's ride
10-wanna talk shit feat. (Sweeps)
11-stay high
12-friend like me feat. (Synical)
13-put it on me
14-hustle & pimpin feat. (Lyrik & China Doll)
15-untouchables feat. (Cuete & Jasmin 69)
16-can't see me feat. (Slow Pain)