01 novembro 2008

Wicked Minds Presents: Illuminati 2007

01-da gift and da curse (Wreck)
02-ya sweet thang (Wreck)
03-left me lonely (Lil Wreck)
04-before all this (Ese Grouch)
05-da payback (Wreck feat. Clika One)
06-da show must go on (Chino Grande feat. Wreck)
07-da youngest (Lil Wreck feat. Lil Blacky)
08-hit and run (Cuete feat. Duce & Wreck)
09-da dumb bitch song (Baby Wicked feat. Wreck)
10-d4ms reminiscin (Wreck feat. Youngster)
11-whats going on (Slow Pain feat. Bugzy, Rabbit & Wreck)
12-face we puts it down (Wreck feat. Big Haz)
13-whats love (Wreck)
14-thankful (Wreck feat. Face B)
15-spring love 2007(Pitful feat. Stevie-B & Wreck)
16-back in tha dayz (Wreck)
17-4getmenots (Wreck)
18-move (Lil Wreck feat. Nino Brown & Wreck)
19-the beast (Lil Wreck)

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