31 agosto 2008

Caliber Enter my City 2008

01-something out of nothing feat.(Lefty Knukles)

02-dippin in a porsche feat.(Lefty Knukles & ALT)

03-enter my city

04-bouncing in my lolo feat.(Lefty Knukles & Redwood)

05-i wanna know your name feat.(Lala & Lefty Knukles)

06-heater on me feat.(O Brown, Diamonique & Lefty Knukles)

07-good life feat.(Lala, Wolf Wangg & Talksick)

08-m.h. click feat.(Phase, Lefty Knukles, Tapisero & Kayottic)

09-parradox feat.( Kayottic & Lefty Knukles)

10-sarrows feat.(Chino Simpson)

11-still here

12-i was raised in the hood feat.(Kayottic & Lefty Knukles)

13-big lil twin

14-united state feat.(Lala, Lefty Knukles, Fedee, Lil Sick, Kayottic, Tapisero, Talksick & O Brown)


16-i still believe

Hellafyde Presents:Seven Welcome 2 the Barrio 2008

01-welcome 2 the barrio

02-con la banda

03-cali way


05-we cant be touched


07-get ya roll on

08-mi morenita


10-live it up

11-the sick one

12-fo sho


Ese G AKA Jorge G Barrio Music 2006


02-g-cant fuck with

03-this goes out feat.(Sleepy Malo)

04-i'm from San Diego feat.(Terminate & Lil Solo)

05-releast on the scene feat.(Mister D, Sleepy Malo & Lil Solo)

06-fuck the state feat.(Lil Solo)

07-i want you to hold me

08-youre not real

09-this life feat.(Mister D)

10-long road feat.(MTO)

11-its your own fault feat.(Lil Solo)

12-hold on me feat.(Mister D & DTTX)

13-reap what you sow feat.(STC & Dos Caras)

14-love to hate you feat.(Sabrina)

15-last song feat.(Southland Gangsters)

16-madrecita (bonus track)

Doll-e-Girl Street Shot Callers 2006


02-shot callers feat.(JV & Lady Synful)

03-shut them down feat.(Mister One)

04-lucky feat.(Lil Blacky & Big Dave)

05-sugar and spice

06-money and respect feat.(Mister One & Big Chunks)

07-got it on lock feat.(Mr. Shadow & Weeto)

08-illest and the realest feat.(Lady Synful)

09-hustlers life feat.(Lil Sicko & Pops)

10-whos ridin feat.(Mister One & Shy Boy)

11-hey mami feat.(Big Dave & Lyrik)

12-thats the way feat.(Lil Sicko)

13-down to ride feat.(Mister One & Payaso)

14-doll-e loves the kids feat.(J Flip)

15-sweet love

16-outro feat.(Guic One)

Big Locote The Dark Album 2007

01-the dark message

02-studio prankster diss

03-dont u dare

04-freaky tales

05-i hate you

06-we riden

07-game over

08-krazie love

09-youre out of time

10-red 187 killa

11-wicked ways

12-dark surside (bonus track)

13-evil lasting words


29 agosto 2008

Conejo Scarface 2 the Mixtape 2008


02-hood life


04-my block 25-27-28-39-5th ave

05-triumph (young trucos so loc'd)

06-lyrical king

07-i think you better run

08-mold a bitch feat.(Jokaboy Loco Negro & Buyo)

09-i know the streets AKA the calles

10-this verse be a novel

11-good day

23 agosto 2008

V.A. Cali Rap Most Requested by Dj Lady Tribe 2007

01-intro wcg (DJ Lady Tribe)

02-mami mira (Mr. Criminal feat. Mr. Capone-e & Nate Dogg)

03-mr. clean (Mr. Capone -e)

04-summertime anthem (Mr. Capone-e)

05-west west (Mr.Capone-e feat. Stomper & WC)

06-come ride with me (Mc Eiht)

07-last chance (Ms. Lady Pinks feat. Natalie)

08-somebody like you (Lil Tweeti feat. Mc. Magic)

09-we ride (Bizzy Bone feat. Mr. Criminal)

10-taking it back (ODM from LSOB feat. Brown Boy)

11-next 2 you (Brown Boy)

12-up in the game (Coyote feat.DTTX & Lil Rob)

13-ride (DTTX feat. Brown Boy)

14-the west is back (Lil Sick feat. Roscoe)

15-mama (Coyote)

Southland Gangsters Presents: Southland Love Jams vol. 2 Low and Slow 2006

01-you got me going crazy (Clumbsy Boy)

02-don't cry (Mister D)

03-pretty brown eyes (Eriq)

04-fuss and fight (DTTX)

05-wait in vain (Conejo)

06-my pretty baby (Cuette)

07-another love story (Proper Dos)

08-thinking about you (STTX)

09-crazy love (DTTX)

10-wehen i get lost (Eastside Valleros)

11-made for me (Jorge G)

12-señorita (DTTX)

13-love your ways (Baby Wicked)

14-one chance (Mister D) remix

15-i wanna know (V.A. Southland Gangsters)

Southland Gangsters Presents: Clumbsy Boy Let it Rain 2008

01-en esta vida

02-this is how i feel

03-rolling thru the east side feat.(Sleepy Malo & Lil Kasper)

04-on the grind feat.(Hyro)

05-now or never

06-this is life of mine

07-you got me going crazy

08-on the block feat.(Kryptonite)

09-i'm from the southland

10-in the scene feat.(Sleepy Malo & Hyro)

11-i never knew the pain feat.(Ese Kilow)

12-heavenly father

13-front back and side to side feat.(Sleepy Malo)

14-criminal minded feat.(Hyro & Ese Kilow)

15-two magazines

16-keeping it gangster feat.(C.O.A. Click)

17-the one thats hurting feat.(DTTX & Mister D)

18-outro feat.(24 Kp,Mugzy Brown & Short)

22 agosto 2008

A Familia Dia 14 de Setembro na Concha Acústica

17 agosto 2008

Teen Angels Presents: Mister One Cali Livin vol.2 2004

01-intro (Mister One)

02-hustle 2 survive (Mister One)

03-bust back (Hectic)

04-gangster (True Villains)

05-Cruisin down madison street (Mister One)

06-fuck with us (Mr. Criminal & Lil Sicko)

07-they got me ridin (Mister One)

08-where are now (Eastside Gangsters)

09-u can't fuck with my click (Mr. Chunks)

10-to live life (Mister One & Lil Sicko)

11-if your down (True Villains)

12-ride with us (Eastside Gangsters)

13-i.e. hoes (Mister One)

14-hustlin got me paid (Lil Sicko)

15-ride (The Youngsters)

16-oh honey (The Youngsters)

17-down to ride (Payaso)

18-fontana days (Ese Grumpie)

19-life in the hood (Wolfie)

15 agosto 2008

El Demonio Born Again 2008

01-born again

02-california ese feat.(Stomper & Snoop Dogg)

03-my life feat.(ALT & Redwood)

04-big bossin feat.(TI,JT the Bigga Figga & Doll e Girl)

05-baby girl feat.(Don Cisco)

06-i'm a hustler feat.(Cap9ne & Sud Sucram)

07-i know feat.(Raesane)

08-all about my business feat.(The Game & Snoop Dogg)

09-big feat.( Mr. Criminal & Stud Sucram)

10-no love feat.(Stomper)

11-independent feat.(Juvenile, Mr. Trigger & Doll e Girl)

12-shine feat.(Stud Sucram, Grizzley Gambino & Stomper)

13-wonderful feeling feat.(JT the Bigga Figga & Cap9ne)

14-buck em down feat.(Stomper)

15-is there a heaven (for a gangster)feat.(Grizzly Gambino & Big Spanky)

16-hey feat.(Son Dobbie)


18-bounce 4 me feat.(Playa Stevo & Triste Loko)

19-world wide feat.(Baby Bash, Frost, Jay Tee & ODM)talk box remix

11 agosto 2008

Stomper Presents:The New West Coast Compilation 2008

01-west west (Stomper Mr. Capone-e & WC)

02-the west iz back remix (Stomper Lil Sic & Roscoe)

03-been so long (Stomper Lefty Knuckles ALT The Saint & Frost)

04-we gangsters (Stomper El Demonio & The Game)

05-buck em down (Stomper J.Hind & El Demonio)

06-california ese (Stomper El Demonio & Snoop Dogg)

07-we got it locked down (Stomper J.Hind & Elplicty Trouble)

08-skit (Stomper & Kast N Fame)

09-go loco (Stomper J.Hind & Mistah Fab)

10-take a stand (Stomper & Terry Mc Coy)

11-late night hype 3 (Stomper & Mc Eiht)

12-summertime luv remix (Stomper Grumpy Rae Sahae & Fingazz)

13-call me crazy (Stomper J.Hind & Kokane)

14-lets get this paper (Stomper J.Hind Lil Zane & Bad Azz)

15-what you gonna do (Stomper Motion & Swiss Cash)

16-you know me (Stomper Mr. Criminal Mr. Capone-e & Celly Cel)

17-this game iz ourz (Stomper Theif Sicario & 2tone)

18-geto boyz (Stomper El Demonio & Bushwick Bill)

19-the missing element (Stomper J.Hind Grumpy & JT The Bigga Figga)

20-the go ahead (Stomper)

Hi Power Presents:V.A. Live in Japan the Soundtrack 2005

01-intro (H.P.G's)

02-where my ridaz (Brown Boy)

03-party over here (H.P.G's)

04-nobody moves (Brown Boy)

05-west coast gangster (Mr. Criminal)

06-ambition of a rida (Scrappy Loco)

07-you know (Brown Boy)

08-southsider smokeout (H.P.G's)

09-on tha come up (Mr. Criminal)

10-ride (Brown Boy)

11-she nasty (Scrappy Loco)

12-pimpin all the hoes (Scrappy Loco)

13-coming up (Malow Mac)

Gracias a mi carnalito ese Martim...

10 agosto 2008

Underworld 8-0-5 Records Presents:Dreame Sur Gangster Funk 2005


02-from my hood to yours

03-sur side califas


05-from the 714 to the 805

06-slow jam

07-it remains the same

08-whats on my mind

09-nasty girl

10-we came to party

11-bounce rock roller skate



Hi Power Presents:VA New Recruits Torpedo Alert 2008

01-torpedo roll car (H.P.G's)

02-this is how we ride (Triggerman)

03-i'm the new (Mr. Conejo)

04-what u heard was true (Espanto)

05-locked up 2 much time (Flaco)

06-waiting 2 see (Spanky aka Cyclone)

07-soy el triste (Triste Loco)

08-boy the newest soldier (Lil Trigger Boy)

09-you dont wanna fuck with me (Mr. Conejo)

10-day 2 long life 2 short (Flaco)

11-fear less (Triggerman)

12-how we do it in east los (Mr. Conejo)

13-man my life (Triggerman)

09 agosto 2008

D.E.M. Presents:Dinero Money Power and Honor 2008


02-from the streets feat.(Risky & Troubles)

03-get your roll on feat.(Shadyboy)

04-never know

05-madness feat.(Troubles)

06-who shot yall feat.(Box)

07-m.p.h. intermission

08-i like feat.(Down A.K.A. Kilo)

09-no regrets

10-gun related feat.(Lil Cuete & Mr. Trippalot)

11-cars (intermission)

12-the weekend feat.(Demo)

13-you aint gotta feat.(Mr. Trippalot)

14-trying to survive feat.(Lil Sneaks)

15-same o thing

16-cali livin feat.(Risky & Troubles)

17-they dont wanna (intermission)

18-ridin thru my hood

19-fear in your heart feat.(Mr. Trippalot)

20-killa cali feat.(Domino)

21-like yesterday feat.(Demo)

22-i'm a hustla

23-get your money



Teen Angels Presents: Mister One Cali Livin 2005


02-where it goin

03-guess whos back

04-ride or die

05-tell me how u like it

06-ghetto streets

07-keep trucha

08-spots hot

09-let me ride

10-in memory of Big Ed

11-one day girl

12-back in the day

13-i'm high

14-what went wrong

15-serial cholo

16-we connected

17-killin the competition

18-big time hustlers

19-let me know

20-tonights the night

04 agosto 2008

Teen Angels Presents:V.A.13 Chicano Rap Gangsters 2003

01-ride (Teen Angels Gangsters)

02-closer (Lil Black & Lil Sicko)

03-southside villains (Southside Villais & Travieso)

04-santa maria (Teen Angels Gangsters)

05-how we ride (Teen Angels Gangsters)

06-get high part.2 (Mr. Criminal & Brown Boy)

07-drug dealin (Lil Sicko, Payaso & Mr. 1)

08-smoken hydro (Goc Click & Southside Villains)

09-block hustlin (Lil Sicko)

10-young guns (Travieso)

11-if you knew (Lil Sicko & E Man)

12-car show (Youngsters & Lil Gangster)

13-lying in chalk (Lil Blacky, Pops, Hectic & Sic)

14-pimprollin lives on (Lil Sicko & Mr. Fern)

15-untitled track

03 agosto 2008

Sleepy Malo (Fearless Crowd) Sleepwalking 2006

02-i'm back
03-steel talking
04-back in cali
05-gangsters dont live long
06-all i want
07-let you go
08-the crook,the bad & the clumsy
09-show me
10-rest in dreams
12-on one
13-lets pretend
14-that's how
15-superman (remix)
16-crowded era

Travieso The Sick List 2007

01-the sickest feat.(Payaso)

02-south sidin fest.(southside villains)

03-61 ragg feat.(Payaso)

04-all these drugs feat.(Payaso)

05-hit your ass up feat.(Payaso)

06-hustling 2 get paid feat.(Southside Villains)

07-in luv with a gangsta feat.(Payaso & Latina)

08-its a thin line

09-low ride feat.(Payaso Mister One & Latina)

10-pimp shit part 1 feat.(Payaso Fly Boy & Bouncer)

11-pimp shit part 2 feat.(Payaso)

12-sick side rider feat.(Payaso)

13-sunny day feat.(Miss Ana)

14-the infumis bady boy

15-travieso loko

16-we dont play feat.(Payaso & Big Capone)

17-welcome 2 my hood feat.(Payaso)

18-prepara te (Spanish Version)

19-been there done that