06 fevereiro 2011

Pequenos Delitos-Implicação Marginal

Urban Kings Presents: Midjet Loco First Loco at The Street 2011

1. We Run It (Ft. Toro, Young Brown, Doll-E Girl, Big Dave)
2. Flatslife (
Ft. Mr. Groove (G'D Up Steel Banging Affiliated))
3. Steel Banging Loco
4. Summer Season (Ft. Chino Grande (CRC), D. Salas, Lil Blue)
5. In My Pendleton (Ft. Fiesty 2 Guns (CRC), Lyrik)
6. Back To The Old School
7. Like a Hustler

8. Death of Studio Gangsters (Remix)
9. We Keep It Steady (Ft. Lyrik, D I & Lil Man (G'D Up - Steel Banging Affiliated))
10. Murder (Ft. Gang Starr, Macy Gray, Mos Def)
11. I'm An Urban King
12. No Regrets (
Ft. Lyrik)
13. That's Just Life
14. Stay Up
15. You Ain't Got No Shine

16. We Riding (Ft. J Brown, Lyrik)
17. All About My Paper (Ft. J Brown, Lyrik)
18. BangBangBang
19. Everyday (
Ft. Chino Grande (CRC), Bigg Bandit)