30 agosto 2009

Young Spanks Kalifornia Chief 2009

01.Young Spanks – Til’ The Day I Die (Hood Anthem)
02.Young Spanks Feat. Ghost – If You Want Some
03.Young Spanks Feat. Badmouth & Ghost – We Get Money
04.Young Spanks Feat. Ghost – Look At My Face
05.Young Spanks Feat. Teaze & Ghost – Smoke Dat Dro
06.Young Spanks Feat. Teaze, Sneeky & Lil Man – One Love
07.Young Spanks – Xicano Rap Tribute
08.Young Spanks Feat. Rebel From Triple C – On My Side
09.Young Spanks Feat. Ghost & Sneeky – Smoking Lovely
10.Young Spanks Feat. Sneeky, Ghost & Col Piece - Go Gettaz

11.Young Spanks Feat. Centro Side Riders – It’s Xicano Rap
12.Young Spanks Feat. Sneeky, Ghost & Mr. Groove - Gangsta Sh**
13.Young Spanks Feat. Lil Jokes, Sneeks & Ghost -Ride For My Brown Pride
14.Young Spanks Feat. Mr. Blue, Delux & Blunted One - Hoppin’ In My Low Low
15.Young Spanks Feat. Myfa Click – All It Takes Is Time
16.Young Spanks Feat. Mr. Blue, Haze & Ghost - Hustle For My Doe
17.Young Spanks Feat. Myfa Click – Murder Murder
18.Young Spanks Feat. Ghost – I Kiss My Homies

GD Up Gangsters-GD Up For Life The Album-2009

01.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Midget Loco – I’m A G’D Up Gangster
02.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Spanky Loco – We Don’t Give A Fu*k
03.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Huero Snipes – Let’s Bang Tonight
04.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Doll-E Girl & Mr. Groove - I Miss You Baby
05.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Leelee – Me Against The World
06.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Loco Life – 762X39
07.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Spanky Loco – Gangsta Trip
08.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Shadyboy, Midget Loco & Chente Loc – My Life Without You
09.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Leelee – On Our Way

10.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. W.C.C.G’s & Spanky Loco - Nothin 2 Loose
11.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Midget Loco – That G Life
12.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Stomper (Soldier Ink), Midget Loco & G-Boy – I’m Watchin
13.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Doll-E Girl – Can’t Fu*k Wit Us
14.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Cricket & Lady J – Ride Or Die For You

15.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Bad Mouth – Paper Chase
16.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Huero Snipes – Never Forget Never Regret
17.G’D Up Gangsters Feat. Midget Loco, Shadyboy, Bamz & Hassel – Ese’s Comin Thru

Big Stalks Keep it Gangsta 2009

29 agosto 2009

Hpg's Presents :Mr. Capone-E - Diary Of A G - 2009

01.Gangster Prayer [01:28]
02.It Ain't About Me [04:17]
03.Gang Bangin' S**T [03:51]
04.Three of the Best From the West [04:07] (with Snoop Dogg/The Game)
05.Real Riders (with Glasses Malone) [03:21]
06.South Sider's Most Wanted - (with Mr. Criminal) [03:16]
07.Lupillo Rivera (Shout Out) [Corrido Skit] [02:36]
08.Light My Fire - (with Snoop Dogg) [03:53]
09.Getting It (remix, with BirdMan/Bigg Steele) [04:17]

10.No Problem (with Elite 1/Lucky Luciano) [04:55]
11.They Wanna Murder Me [03:45]

12.Against All Odds [03:56]
13.Drinkin' Out Da-40 Bottle (Rain Drops) [04:25]
14.Outlaws Part Two [03:07]
15.I Wanna F**K [03:55]
16.Like This and Like That [03:25]
17.Stilettos [03:48]

18.Oop Upside Your Head [03:28]
19.Ain't Lookin Back No More [03:46]

20.This is My Diary [04:20]
21.Outro [02:50]

Urban Kings Presents: Chino Grande Slow it Down 2009

1.My Neighborhood- Jasper, Skandle"Oso", Lil Minor
2. Im Yours- Troub Nasty, Big Dave, Fingazz
3. King Of The Block- Kilos, Baby Jokes
4. Take You There- Dave Salas, Ms.v
5. Entrapment
6. Gotta Get Next To You- Eddie Cane
7. Witch Craft - Conejo, Wicked From Brown Side
8. Maria's Got A Baby Featuring Mis V
9. Hood Devotion Fiesty 2 Guns, Mike Nezz
10. The Struggle Fiesty 2 Guns
11. You Feel In love with a gangster- Featuring Ms Krazie, Rigo Luna

12. Smoth Chicano Flavor- Featuring Tierra And Lil Minor
13. Champain At Midnight- Featuring Big Dave And Mis V
14. America
15. Slow It Down

24 agosto 2009

Mc ToN Entre o pão,e a previdência (VIDEO)


20 agosto 2009

Marboy ThugzZ-Mente Sã!

1-Mente Sã!
2-Acorda pra vida
3-Cidade Madrasta(Part.Mc ToN & Lindomar 3L)
4-Ser Humano Imprevisível
5-Ninguém Consegue Imitar(Part.TóI)
6-Em Poucas palavras

18 agosto 2009

Mr. CLEAN - Da Unexpected (2006)

11 1-introdeuce
2-I Got Skillz mp3
3-Silver and Black mp3
4-It's da Children mp3
5-Them Voices mp3

6-Stackem mp3
7-Hitz Like this mp3
8-Stop Yappin mp3
9-Da Unexpected mp3
10-Booties Shakin mp3
11-Datz My label mp3
12-Everybody Bouncin mp3
13-Playdoe Smoke mp3

17 agosto 2009

VA-Inland Empire Mixtape 909 - 951 Wayz To Die (Bootleg) 2007

Raul G - Central Valley 209 - 2009






14-raul_g_from_chosen_few_crew-moving_forward_full_final_(feat._dreamer_and_most_ hated)




GFunk - Welcome 2 California (2009)

01-Taking Over feat: DJAK & Big Stalks
02-Get Ready feat: Rocky Padilla
03-64 Bounce feat: Busta-Xses & Big Stalks
04-Low style feat: Rocky Padilla & Big Stalks
05-Am in tha club - feat: DJAK & Big Stalks

06-Allnite long - feat: Big Stalks
07-What we do - DJAK, Big Stalks & Two-J

08-13side - feat: Da Rebal
09-damn girl - feat: Rocky Padilla, Big Stalks, Baby D & Bad News
10-Drowing up on tha wesside - feat: DJAK & Big Stalks
11-Everyday in tha ghetto - feat: Weeto, Pleasure & Pain
12-Crazy - feat: DJAK, Rodd & SurSilvaz
13-isn't she lovely - feat: DJAK
14-how we play - feat: Lil Rob & Da Rebal
15-dispared - feat: DJAK
16-freaking you - feat: Rocky Padilla & Selo

Nino Brown - Chevrolet Boogie Vol. 1 - 2007

1. Old School (Feat. Baby Bash, Martell & Battle Loco) 4:51
2. Push (Feat. Bun B) 4:53
3. Day By Day (Interlude) 0:50
4. Day By Day 3:25
5. East Side La Lizzle (Feat. Lil Weezy & Dez) 3:30
6. Drunken Style (Feat. Sick Jacken & Slow Pain) 4:42
7. Can't Nobody Fade My Rap 3:36
8. Los Angeles (Feat. E-Pain & Issa) 3:38
9. DJ Muggs Mash Up Radio 1:10
10. Hood Ballin' (Feat. Lil Weezy) 4:06
11. What A Jale (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude & Andre 3000) 4:43
12. I Get Money 2:10
13. Be Easy (Feat. Slim) 3:43
14. My Hina 4:16
15. Intoxicated Brown 0:43
16. She Can Work It 1:21
17. Gangstafied (Feat. Frost & Lil G) 3:45
18. Let Nino Buy You A Drank (Feat. T-Pain) 1:39
19. Bartender (Feat. T-Pain) 5:37
20. The World Is A Ghetto 6:11
21. ErnDogg's Chillin' 1:52
22. Playgirl (Feat. Melvin Riley) 2:17
23. To Live And Die In L.A. Outro 1:03

14 agosto 2009

Mr. Capone-E & Mr. Criminal Video Bangers 2009

1. Mr. Capone-E- It Ain't About Me

2. Mr. Criminal- Watch Me Rise

3. Mr. Capone-E- Gangsta Party

4. Mr. Criminal- Hood Affiliated

5. Mr. Capone-E- VIP

6. Mr. Criminal- Only The Strong Survive

7. Mr. Capone-E- Last Man Standing

8. Mr. Criminal- Side 2 Side

9. Mr. Capone-E- Struggle

10. Mr. Criminal- Hi Power 4 Life (Ft. Mr. Silent, Mr. Capone-E)

11. Mr. Capone-E- Summertime Anthem

12. Mr. Criminal- G'z And Ridaz (Ft. Mr. Silent)

13. Mr. Capone-E- Let Me Luv You Girl

14. Mr. Criminal- On A Come Up (Ft. Mr. Capone-E)

15. Mr. Capone-E- Hi Power Soldiers

16. Mr. Criminal- Represent