07 junho 2009

Southland Gangsters Presents: Mister D Year of the Gangster 2009

01-Back up in this
02-Let me know - feat: Lil Blacky, Sleepy Malo
03-Should've been mine - feat: Sleepy Malo, Nate Dogg
04-You don't know me girl - feat: Kryptonite, Ne-Yo
05-Don't Hate - feat: Lil Kasper, Snoop Dogg06 Kokane (skit)
07-Get your grind on - feat: Krptonite, Sleepy Malo, Kokane
08-When the old school plays - feat: Rodney O, Big Chacho, Chino Brown
09-Here for you - feat: Krptonite, Stretch
10-We cursed ourselves - feat: Conejo
11-You know I want you - feat: Lil Blacky, Spanky, DTTX
12-It's the west side - feat: Proper Dos, Kam
13-Gangsters still get lonely - feat: Baby Wicked
14-Got to keep it real
15-We wont stop - feat: Ese Bobby,Clumbsy Boy
16-I'll ride for you
17-Pain on paper - feat: Kokane
18-Somebody's givin it up (remix) - feat: Dresta the Gangsta, Sleepy Malo
19-Gangsters get lonely too - feat: Sleepy Malo, DTTX, Lil Blacky
20- Freaky Note - feat: Stretch

01 junho 2009

Conejo The Bootlegs vol. 3 2009

1-If you aint from the streets
2-My territory
3-Gang brothers
4-the voicemail pt. 2
5-Keep this sh** alive
6-Death come for all
7-Im strung out
8-Stole my sleep
9-We're all evil
10-Night after night
11-the Sur is one blood pt. 2
12-City lights