29 março 2009

Teen Angels Presents: Payaso Cruising Oldies part 4 2007

01-sincerely (i love my hood)
02-just my imagination (running away with me
03-young trigger r.i.p. (intro)
04-i had a choice (dedicated 2 Young Trigger)
05-if you want it (my love)
06-just another day
07-still my everythang
08-im gone (without your love)
09-what you see (is what you get)
10-baby you got it
11-i'm sorry
12-my lowrider girl
13-south sidin
14-just 1 night
15-you got your fools mixed up

Teen Angels Presents: Payaso Cruising Oldies vol. 3 2005

1-Cruising Intro
2-It'a a Sure Thing (La La Means I Love You)
3-No One Gets You Down
4-I Needed You the Most
5-Make It with You - Payaso, , Travieso
6-To Say I Love You
7-Onw Who Knows - Payaso, , Youngster
8-Have U Seen Her
9-For My Neighborhood (Cruising Oldies, Pt. 3)
10-Hijo de Mama
11-Bundle of Luv - Mister One, , Payaso, Shy Boy
12-Better Way (Do What Your Doin)
13-Look Over Your Shoulder
14-Im Not Your Puppet - Mz. Lavish, , Payaso
15-Cruising Outro

Teen Angels Presents: Payaso Cruising Oldies 2 ''Back 2 tha Boulevard''

01-never gonna give you up
02-night owls
03-take a chance
04-love between a boy & girl
05-be thankfull
06-sweet thing
07-mr. Big stuff
08-in love with you
09-no tears on my pillow
10-old school
11-lowrider gangster
12-somebody please
13-listening 2 my oldies

Teen Angels Presents: Payaso's Cruising Oldies vol. 1 2003

01-so tired of being alone
02-tonight its the night feat. (Travieso, Lil Trouble & Merro)
03-boo hoo hoo
04-something i want to tell you feat. (Travieso)
05-i want you round
06-i'm so proud
07-pullen strigs (remix ''your puppet'')
08-faithfull (remix)
09-sitten in the park feat. (Lil Wisper)
10-on the BLVD (show & tell )feat. (K-Smooth)
11-how can i tell my mom & dad? feat. (Monster)
12-super natural (remix)
13-the one whos hurting
14-you cant keep a good man down (bonus track)
15-cruising outro

Lil Rob--Non Stop Mix 2003

01-Shitty Mega Mix
02-Outro from "Natural High"
03-Natural High
04-No Soy Te Di
05-If You Should Lose Me
06-La Cantina
07-Soy Chingon
08-Four Cornered Room
09-The payback
10-Pachucos Night
11-Somethin 2 Relate

Juan Gotti Raza Ville 2007

01- juan dream feat. (Carolyn Rodriguez)
02-its going down feat. (Nicki)
03-aint that sumthin feat. (Jaime Pain Ortiz)
04-texas anthem feat. (Dum Dum, Gemini & Merc100man)
05-crusar feat. (D-Rey)
06-bay of a pigs feat. (Mr. Lil One)
07-come go
08-cuz you know feat. (Carolyn Rodriguez, Jaime Pain Ortiz & Kid Possible)
09-impossible feat. (Carolyn Rodriguez)
10-bout the paypa feat. (Carolyn Rodriguez)
11-ice sippaz feat. (S.P.M.)
12-mero mero feat. (D-REy, G-Low & Jess Latino)
13-amor feat. (Pablo)
14-nunca feat. Carolyn Rodriguez)

Juan Gotti John Ghetto 2005

01-intro ouda
02-i don't know about you
03-mexican inside
07-you don't wanna
08-la voz
09-para el pueblo
10-no me lo das
11-la inconditional
13-cosas de la vida
14-triste cancion
15-fuck wat chu heard
16-a toda madre

Juan Gotti Still Loko 2004


Juan Gotti Chronicles of Juan Ramos 2007

2- Cold Corona
3- Hood Thang
4-Playa Pimp
6-Heat Mayne
7-Murder Me Not
9-Kissing Game
10-Middle Beast
11-All Done
12-X Games
13-La Guerra
14-Screw'd Up Mexicanz

Juan Gotti Underground vol. 3 ''Mas Lokote de la Chingada'' 2005


Juan Gotti Underground vol. 2


Latino Velvet-- The Best of 2009

01-west coast radio feat. (Don Cisco)
02-brand nu playa
03-come take a ride feat. (Mac Dre)
04-game thight feat. (Celly Cel)
05-raza park feat. (Don Cisco, Frost & Roger Troutman)
06-buzzin feat (Levitti)
07-latino velvet
08-holla whats up feat. (Frost & DBA)
09-fo sho feat. (E-40)
10-telly feat. (Levitti)
11-feria feat. (Don Cisco)
12-2 cold cappers
13-they don't even know feat. (Don Cisco)
14-same shit feat. (Frost)
15-vamonos feat. (Merciless)
16-whats going on feat. (Frost)
17-stay on the grind feat. (Gemini & Marty James)
18-bubble up feat. (Angel Dust & Paula Deanda)

28 março 2009

Kinto Sol Carcel del Sueños 2009

02-carcel del sueños
03-voy a sacudirme
04-corazon muerto
05-se que puede pasar
06-la taolla
07-hoy me voy
08-si podrias
11-cuatro paredes
12-se pone buena
13-un nuevo dia
14-pancho y no manches (skit)
15-lluvia de acero
16-en cada rincon

25 março 2009

Self Made the Mixtape vol. 1 2009

01-bang bang
02-vete ya
03-west coast shit feat. (Locote)
04-lo que fuiste para mi feat. (Locote)
05-originals feat. (OG Playboy)
06-rats up in my kitchen
07-gangzta feat. (OG Playboy)
08-smoke with us feat. (Locote & Destrok)
09-we got that gangzta flow feat. (Swet One Bgs)
11-murder murder feat. (Og Playboy)
12-califa thugz remix feat. (OG Playboy)
13-no peace
14-shit ain't the same
15-fuck ''low pro''
16-my state of mind feat.(Mr. Shagg)
17-sicko stories
18-streetv sweepers
19-my one and only girl
20-take my bitch


21 março 2009

Hi-Power Ent. Presents: Spider En mi Barrio 2009

01-abre tus ojos feat. (Vane & Mal Hablado)
02-porque me miram
03-tragedias feat. (Seis)
04-revolucion feat. (Big Rob)
05-k.i.m. feat. (Vane)
06-el cielo es el limite feat. (Arsenal)
07-te necesito feat. (Blanca la del Barrio & Phastlane)
08-mi novela
09-en mi barrio feat. (Sporty Loco & Seis)
10-ya no
11-el sueño feat. (Seis)
12-brutalidad feat. (Seis & Vane)

11 março 2009

Bizzy Bone Back With the Thugz 2009

1-Bone Unity Report
2-Back With The Thugz
3-Shooting At Me Feat. (Mr. Capone-E)
4-Race Against Time Feat. (Bad Azz)
5- The Process
6-I Wanna Sing
7-On That Natural High
8-Thats Why Thugs Never Cry
9-Lets Get High Feat. (Malow Mac, Snoop Dogg And Miss Lady Pinks)
10- Jockin' Bizzy
11-Women Keep Watching Us
12-End Of This World 2012
13-Is There Anything Left 2 Deal With
14-Bonus Track 1
15-Bonus Track 2
16- Outro Part 2 Coming Soon

10 março 2009

Conejo--Los Angeles Times 2009

01-the devil is inside
02-back from the dead
03-riders get busy feat. (Spants of ''The City Boys'')
04-thee unforgiven
05-l.a. gangstyle
06-rules of the game
07-weve been pushed to far
08-home comes first
09-life, survival & murder
10-another fallen soldiers
11-state's waiting 4 me feat. (Venom from ''Tatto Ink.'')
12-a heartless record
13-carnival of souls

09 março 2009

Southland Gangsters Click Presents:Caution 2009

01-intro jam (Lil Kasper, Big Chacho, Mister D, Sleepy Malo & OG Trigs)
02-drama don't stop (Clumbsy Boy, Erupt & Sleepy Malo)
03-crime or rhyme (Rodney O, Mister D, Big Chacho, Ese Bobby, Spanky & Lil Blacky)
04-where i come from (Stretch, Sleepy Malo & Ese venom)
05-fuck you up first (Conejo)
06-be like us (Stretch, Mister D. & C.O.A.Click)
07-this is how we ride (Ghost & Proper Dos)
08-kings of underground (Young Trav & Lil Blacky)
09-theyre all the same (Lil Kasper)
10-tonight i came home (Ese Bobby & Eastside Valleros)
11-what will you do (Sleepy Malo, Rodney O, Mister D & Clumbsy Boy)
12-beware of the blue part 2 (Sleepy Malo, Eastside Valleros, Clumbsy Boy & Ese Kilow)
13-outro jam (Big Chacho, Midjet Loco, Sleepy malo, Ese Venom, Stretch & Clumbsy Boy)

B-Real Smoke n Mirros 2009

01-smoke n mirros feat. (Bo Roc)
02-gangsta music feat. (Bo Roc)
03-don't ya dare laugh feat. (Xzibit & Young De)
04-everything u want feat. (Buckshot)
05-6 minutes feat.(Young De & Tekneek)
06-psycho realm revolution feat. (Sick Jacken)
07-fire feat. (Camian Marley)
08-10 steps behind feat. (Young De & Tekneek)
09-get that dough feat. (Babydoll Refresh)
10-dr. Hyphenstein feat. (Snoop Dogg, Young De & Trace Midas)
11-stackn paper
12-one life feat. (Sen Dog & Malverde)
13-dude vs homie
14-when they hate you feat. (Babydoll Refresh)
15-when we're fucking feat. (Too Short, Kurupt & Young De)

07 março 2009

Urban Kings Presents:Stop Studio Gangsters vol. 2 2009

01-we going crazy (Japer, Chino Grande & Skandle Oso)
02-where's all my killas at (Chino Grande, Baby Jokes, Midjet Loco & Fiesty 2 Guns)
03-cyco loco (Chino Grande, Skandle Oso & Young troubs)
04-way 2 much (Baby jokes, Chino Grande & Fiesty 2 Guns)
05-bad cuz im brown (Chino Grande, Young Troubs & Midjet Loco)
06-campoero gangster shit (Toro Loco, Chino Grande & Baby Jokes)
07-product of society (Chino Grande, Young Troubs & Fiesty 2 Guns)
08-creep like me (Chino Grande, Midjet Loco, jasper Loco, Lil Minor & Skandle Oso)
09-so gangster (Chino Grande, Lil minor, Stomper & Toro)
10-urban kings of the slums (Fiesty 2 Guns, Chino Grande & Midjet Loco)
11-get strapped (Chino Grande, Young Troubs & Fiesty 2 Guns)
12-its that c.r.c. (Midjet Loco, Chino Grande & Jasper Loco)
13-where im from (Chino Grande & Midjet Loco)
14-drinkin & Smokin (Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Baby Jokes, Skandle Oso & Midjet Loco)
15-dreams (baby Jokes, Chino Grande & Fiesty 2 Guns)
16-in california (Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Young troubs & Skandle Oso)
17-hustla music (Midjet Loco, Chino Grande, Baby Jokes & Fiesty 2 Guns)
18-just let her go (Baby Jokes, Midjet Loco, Chino Grande, Lil minor, Fiesty 2 guns & Young Troubs)
19-bonus track

06 março 2009

Marboy ThugzZ-Acorda Pra Vida!(Single)

Acorda Pra vida!

Audácia e o Povo!