26 abril 2009

Hi Power Ent. Presents:Malow Mac Boulevard Oldie Jams 2009

1-Malow Mac Smoke out session
3-California Love (Ft. Miss Lady Pinks, Lil Blacky)
4-Crystal Blue
5-Hi Power Love
6-Good Stuff
7-Rather Go Blind (Ft. Mr. Capone-e)
8-So Fine Featuring (Mr. Criminal)
9-Good Loving
10-Hit & Run (Ft. True Villanz, Gizmo, Franks)
11-In the air 2 night
13-Slipping into darkness
14-Old Stand By
15-Count Jail (Ft. Mr Capone-e)
17-Did not Mean to turn you on

Doll-e-Girl To Know me is 2 Love 2004

01-intro feat. (Stranger One, Kb & LA Hitman)
02-to know me is to love
03-do it feat. (Lil Black & Lil Sicko)
04-generation nation
05-trush no bitch feat. (JV)
06-night crowd feat. (Stranger One)
07-fuckin with the wrong bitch feat. (Weeto)
08-if it isnt what it is
09-another day feat. (DTTX)
10-traficante feat. (Sal Capone)
11-we ride like soldiers feat. (Synful)
12-down with me
13-dedicated 2 my soldiers feat. (Stranger One)
14-never never feat. (Johnny U)
15-sorry 4 my wrongs
16-skit feat. (Cheyo & Greedy)
17-la mafiosa mama

Joker from (LSD) Southside Gangster 2006

02-southside soldados
03-do or die
04-calis finest
05-southside gangster
06-it's that crazy motherfucker
07-what were into
08-i'm so gangster
09-all this time
10-don't get shot up
11-rollin blastin
12-fuck you lames
13-straight up sureño
14-let the homies in

Low Profile Presents: Lil Rob Natural High Till I Die 2009

2-The Outcome
3-Natural High
4-I Remember
5-Wikie Wicked
6-La Cantina
7-Let Me Try
8-Oldie (Bonus Track)
9-No Soy De Ti (Singles Remix)
10-Those Who Talk
11-No One To Depend On
12-South Side (Bonus Track)
14-Lil Rob Sancho Mix (Bonus Track)
15-Low Profile Mix

13 abril 2009

Low Profile Presents: The Best of Lil Rob & Mr. Sancho (super megamix) 2009

1-Lil Rob & Mr. Sancho Megamix
2-Lil Rob & Mr. Sancho Megamix Part II
3-Those Who Talk
4-Natural High Till I Die [Remix] - (remix)
5-To Everybody [Remix] - (remix)
6-Dago Town [Remix] - (remix)
7-Wicked Wicked Mix
8-Low Low Mix
9-La Cantina LPG [Remix] - (remix)
10-Slow Love Mix
11-I Reminice Mix
12-Switch It Up Mix

13-Meant To Be Mix
14-I Remember Mix
15-No On To Depend On Mix
16-OG Spanish Fly Lil Rob Mr. Sancho Biz [Remix] - (remix)
17-Try To Down Me Dttx Mix

11 abril 2009

Urban Kibgs Presents: Ese Lil Joker Never Lose Respect 2009

01-crazy vato

02-keep ti understood

03-cali music

04-it all good

05-gangster up

06-play on

07-lets get high

08-805 reasons

09-metal rain

10-never lose respect

11-rock non stop

12-underground status

13-old english

14-snipets 1

15-snipets 2

05 abril 2009

Urban Kings Presents: The Stomper & Spanky Loko Everybody Killa 2009////

01-Realer Than Life Ft. (G Boy)
02-Big Geez
03-No Te Queremos Ft. (Danny Boy And Doe Boy)
04-Recognized Real Ft.( Huero Snipes & Charlie Row Campo)
05-Take My Style Ft. (Huero Snipes)
06-Ask No Questions Ft. (Top Dogg)
07-Shit Gangster Do Ft. (J Hind)
08-Keep It Gangsta (South Pack Mix) Ft. (Charlie Row Campo And Huero Snipes)
09-We Caught Up
10-Were Bosses
11-We Bang Wicked Ft. (J Hind And Top Dogg)
12-Fuck Everybody Ft. (Ese Villian & Ese Daffy Loko)
13-A G Thing Ft. (Huero Snipes, G Boy & CES From The West)
14-Murder Murder Ft. (J Hind)
15-EBK Outro
16-Bonus Track
17-Bonus Track 2

01 abril 2009

Urban Kings Presents: Capone Raza for Life 2009

01. I'm A Urbanking
02. Hard Living Ft.( Stomper)
03. Raza For Life
04. I Got This
05. Ridelow
06. Mexican Hood Ft. (Midget Loco)
07. B.I.T.C.H
08. Riding With My Locs On
09. To The Top Ft.( Chino Grande)
10. Leaning
11. Ms Krazie (Skit)
12. Keep On Movin
13. I Stay Loyal Ft.( Ms Krazie)
14. Inside My Rhyme Book
15. Slide Off Me
16. Am Still Hood
17. Still Bangin Radio Edits
18. Loc On
19. Keep On Moving