26 julho 2009

Hi Power Ent. Presents: Texas Invasion 2009

01. Hi Power South - Anthem 1:36

02. Lucky Lucinano - Cant Fade Me 5:46

03. Elite 1 Ft. Mike Jones - Time To Shine 3:55

04. Lucky Luciano Ft. Paul Wall - Popped Up 4:26

05. Elite 1 Ft. Trae - Do My Thang 3:37

06. SKS - Drop it like A 64 3:59

07. Lucky Luciano Ft. Lil Flip - Syrup In My Cup 4:12

08. Microphone Killa - Texas Untouchables 3:29

09. SKS Ft. Sen Dogg - Packin Heat 4:12

10. Dapper Don - Damn She Bad 3:33

11. SKS - Get This Thoed 3:13

12. Microphone Killa - All My Life 4:50

13. Hi Power South - Outro 1:27

Bizzy Bone Back With the Thugz part 2 2009

1. Back With The Thugz Pt. 2

2. Empty Out My Clip

3. Put Yo Hands Up

4. Dedicated 2 The Military (Army, Navy, Marines & Air Force)

5. I Know

6. On The Inside

7. Dealing With A Thug

8. Breath Of Bizzy

9. Fire, Fire, Fire

10. I Demand Much Respect

11. Look Into My Eyes

12. Not Scary

13. Automatic Glock

14. Getcha Money

15. Always Be With You (w/ Hazadous)

16. Diary Of A "G" Promo

25 julho 2009

Mister One Classic Memories

(No cover)

01-I do love you feat. shy boy and stilos

02-cruising down madison street

03-to my mom(have you seen her)

04-me and you

05-always be there

06-I'm so happy feat. fly boy and lil gibby

07-could it be

08-oh honey feat doll-e girl

09-look at her

10-bundle of love feat payaso and shy boy

11-will you forgive me

12-sitting in the park

West Side Cartel Talkbox City 2009

01.Westside Cartel Ft. Dogg Master - Ws Rider

02.Westside Cartel Ft. Pass Pass & DJ Ak - The Game We Pla

03.Westside Cartel Ft. Sly Box - Westcoast G'z

04.Westside Cartel Ft. Dogg Master - Shake that Ass

05.Westside Cartel Ft. DJ Ak - Gangsta Funk

06.Westside Cartel Ft. Dogg Master - Test Us

07.Westside Cartel Ft. Moon - More Bounce

08.Westside Cartel Ft. Dogg Master - Back to the Streets

09.Westside Cartel Ft. Dogg Master - Sets in Tha Sky

10.Westside Cartel Ft. Sly Box - How We Livin

11.Westside Cartel Ft. DJ Ak - Riding Low

12.Westside Cartel Ft. Dogg Master - Gangsta Party

13.Westside Cartel Ft. Dogg Master - California Love

14.Westside Cartel Ft. Dogg Master - Summertime

15.Westside Cartel Ft. Dogg Master - Dedicated

16.Westside Cartel Ft. DJ Ak - Mami Te Quiero

17.Westside Cartel Ft. Beebz - Get Close

18.Westside Cartel Ft. Dog Master - So High

19.Westside Cartel Ft. Dogg Master - Southern California

Underworld 8-0-5 Records: 8-0-5 Locos

01. Intro

02. Why You Trippin'

03. Below Zero

04. Spark a Leno When We Ride

05. Keep It Bangin'

06. Jail Bait

07. Swervin'

08. Sure?o Down

09. Do What You Gotta Do

10. Summertime in the 805

11. Party in My Town

12. Up in Smoke

13. Throwin' it Up

Madogg Beware of a Dog 1999

02-Ghetto Mission
04-East Side Story
05-805 Representin
06-Lowdown Funkee
08-Angel Dust
09-Cleared Mind
10-1 in the Chamber
11-Mi Quete Es Mi Vida
12-Going Out

Maddog World on the Streets 2005

01. Back To The Streets
02. Keep It Gangsta
03. Dub CS.S
04. Kalifornia
05. Where's My G's At
06. On The Up N Up
07. Dippin N Doggin
08. Puttin It Down
09. You Can't Stop The West Coast
10. Raggtopps & Glocks
11. Still Runnin Game
12. Walk With Me
13. You See Me Riding
14. Low Profile Mix

13 julho 2009

02-Only the strong survive
03-Gotta make that money
04-Back with some shit
06-My struggles
08-etter quit ft. suga free
09-Put your hands up
10-Jump ft. twista
11-get nasty baby
12-Party tonight
13-Lil rob skit
14-Goes down in the southside of town
15-We gonna make em bounce ft. shade shiest
16-Its the west coast ft. g-malone
17-Fuck mr. criminal
18-Its murder ft. mr. silent and script loc
19-Lyrical excercise
20 - Smoke with me
21-Dedication to the homies
22-Crime box
23-End of the world coming soon
24-You and i

09 julho 2009

Conejo Game Over 2009 (320kbps)

2-Shes's a Snake
3-Apocalypse (Feat. 2 High)
4-Original Gangster
5-Constantly Armed
6-Game Over (Feat. Frank V)
7-Live and Direct
8-Bugsy (Bonus Track)
9-666 Mark of the Best
10-G Rabbs
13-Think Quick
15-Urban Kings 2009 Album's Snippit Pt.1
16-Urban Kings 2009 Album's Snippit Pt.2

07 julho 2009

Soul Assasins The Intermission 2009

01. Gangsta Shit feat. Bun B and M1
02. Classical feat. Sick Jacken and Evidence
03. Gunshots feat. Chace Infinite and Alchemist
04. Do It feat. La Coka Nostra
05. Rep Yo Shit feat. P.C.P. aka Slick Jacken and Necro
06. Good Evening Los Angeles feat. Self Scientific
07. Meet Your Maker feat. Reef The Lost Cause and Outer Space
08. Intermission feat. RZA, Rev William Burk, Planet Asia and B-Real
09. Champions (Remix) feat. Prodigy and Big Twin
10. Let Go (My Life) feat. Fashawn
11. Like That Y'all feat. Planet Asia
12. World We're In feat. Cynic
13. Call It Like I See It feat. Chace Infinite and Krondon
14. Matchbox feat. Dus
15. Figure it Out feat. Young De, Xzibit and Mykestro

02 julho 2009

Clever and Tiny - Against All Odds Part 2 - 2009

01-Clever and Tiny - Tha West Coast

02-Clever and Tiny - Im Gonna Slang

03-Clever and Tiny - All About Dinero

04-Clever and Tiny - Problems Ft. Grinch and Chito

05-Clever and Tiny - When We Ride Ft. Lil Man and Chit0

06-Clever and Tiny - Slugg Ent 2008 Ft. Bad Azz, Spookie and Chito

07-Clever and Tiny - Ponte Listo Watch Out Ft. Spookie, Chito and Grinch0

08-Clever and Tiny - Still Cruising Bristol Ft.Chito

09-Clever and Tiny - Tha World is A Ghetto Ft. Chito

10-Clever and Tiny - Shoot to Kill Ft. Spookie

11-Clever and Tiny - Live and Die by the Cuete Ft. Chito

12-Clever - Clever Tha Don (Clever Solo)

13-Tiny - She Said She (Tiny Solo)

14-Tiny - this is My Hood (Tiny Solo)

15-Clever - Got Um Hating (Clever Solo)

16-Lil Man - Cartel Siders (Lil Man Solo)

17-Chito - Life as A Soldier (Chito Solo)

18-Spookie - White House (Spookie Solo)

19-Clever and Tiny - Bonus Track 1

20-Clever and Tiny - Bonus Track 2

01 julho 2009

2Pac Feat.Michael Jackson Ghetto Gospel Remix-Prod.Marboy ThugzZ

2Pac feat. Michael Jackson Ghetto Gospel Remix Prod. Marboy ThugzZ