27 janeiro 2009

V. A. From my Hood to Yours 2004

01-i need love (Chyna Doll feat. Gee)
02-you dont remember me (Mr. Chino feat. Stroler)
03-mc's dont test (Gee feat. Chyna Doll)
04-thinking of you (Chino Grande)
05-ghetto love (Elusive)
06-gangsta shit (Rash feat. Lil Squirrel)
07-run away with me (Mr. Chino feat. Chino Grande)
08-strickly business (Dazer)
09-seems like yesturday (Gee feat. China Doll)
10-ghetto life (Lil Squirrel)
11-and you said no (Elusive)
12-ride with me (Chino Grande feat. Travieso)
13-southern cali love (Mr. Chino)
14-your the one (Mr. Chino)
15-firme memories (Stroler)
16-snippet (Mr. Chino)
17-down ass g *snippet (Mr. Chino)
18-sales promotion (Urban Hits)
19-bonus track


25 janeiro 2009

Hi-Power Ent. Presents: Mr. Criminal Love Letters 2009

02-you and i
03-lets cruise
04-criminal love 2
05-dedicated 2 the ladies
06-if you need me
07-spend the night
08-gangster love
09-dedicated 2 you
10-come and ride with me
11-i need a rider girl
12-criminal love
13-me and you
14-special lady
15-we belong together


18 janeiro 2009

Pimp Rollin Presents: Young Trav Jakkin Seezin 2009

01-things that i do
02-knochin doors down feat. (Big2daboy & OG Cuicide)
03-i don't salute you
04-watch em feat. (Lil Sicko)
05-dreams feat. (Big2daboy)
06-inland empire feat. (M1 (Pure Uncut)
07-hustle & ball feat. (Hectic)
08-riverside 2 compton feat. (Big2daboy)
09-best at it
10-aint knowin
11-move in silence feat. (Big2daboy & M1)
12-reachin 4 tha heat feat. (Killa D & Mister 1 )
13-grew up a screw up feat. (Big2daboy & Q Ball)
14-thinkin back
15-aint gon do nothing

Hi Power Ent. Presents: Gangster Love vol. 5 2009

01-candy lady (Malow Mac)
02-i miss you (Lil G)
03-baby girl (El Demonio)
04-by your side (Lil Tweety)
05-dam girl (Ese Demon)
06-love confession (Young Havoc)
07-gangster need love 2 (Mr. Capone-e)
08-you know i love you (Lil G)
09-slow jam (Lil G & Soldier Ink)
10-love you so (Lil Tweety)
11-you need a thug in your life (Mr. Capone-e)
12-you know what i like (Mr. Conejo)
13-outro (HPG'z)

17 janeiro 2009

Hi Power Ent. Presents: Hi-Power 2009 2009

01-intro (Miss Lady Pinks)
02-before we start (Ese Villen, Lysto & Soldier Ink.)
03-hi-power 4 life (Mr. Capone, Mr. Criminal & Ese Villen)
04-throw your h-up (HPG'z)
05-memories (Lil Tweety & J. Hind)
06-musicology (Malow Mac)
07-pop lokin (Ese Villen & Lysto)
08-palabras mean nothing (Mr. Capone-e)
09-respect me (Lysto)
10-good & evil (Lil Tweety)
11-ready 4 war (Daffy, Mr. Criminal & Ese Villen)
12-i'm the new ( Mr. Conejo)
13-the next level (Mr. Criminal)
14-smoke da joint (Mr. Capone-e)
15-buck em down (Stomper & J. Hind)
16-summertime in the barrio (HPG'z)
17-hidden track (HPG'z)

Hi-Power Ent. Presents: Mr. Conejo Eastside Story 2009

02-take walk in my shoes
04-dippin in rollin feat. (Abu)
05-tonight is going down
06-smoking the best
07-product of the streets
08-watch your step
09-where we run a muck
10-ready 2 ride feat. (Lil Sic)
11-pay dues feat. (Stomper & Lil Sic)
12-the city where no pity is show feat. (Abu)
13-they dont wanna
14-west coast weekend feat. (Lil Sic)
15-evil thoughts feat. (Lil Sic & Raccon)

04 janeiro 2009

Urban Kings Presents: Charlie Row Campo Gang Tapes 2009

01-choices (Chino Grande, Baby Jokes & Midjet Loco)
02-skit (Chino Grande)
03-give it away now (Chino Grande)
04-keep runnin runnin (Baby Jokes)
05-murder your team (Midjet Loco & Chino Grande)
06-empty witt out you (Fiesty, 2 Gunns & Chino Grande)
07-strap on the side of me (Chino Grande, Lil Minor, midjet Loco & Skandle oso)
08-skit (Baby Jokes)
09-young free & single (Chino Grande)
10-dirty off your shoulders (Baby Jokes & Chino Grande)
11-homie homie homie (Midjet Loco)
12-skit (Midjet Loco, Fiesty & 2 Gunns)
13-summer groove (Chino Grande & Baby Jokes)
14-slanging glass (Baby Jokes & Lil minor)
15-tramp l1f3 (Chino Grande)
16-skit (Wreck)
17-fresha than a mutha...... (Baby Jokes & jasper Loco)
18-show must go on (Wreck of Wicked Minds & Chino Grande)
19-hidden track 1 (VA)
20-hidden track 2 (VA)
21-hidden track 3 (VA)

Herb Daily The Connoisseur 2009

01-more than a player feat. (Slim the Mobsta & Titus)
02-gangsta shit feat. (Nino Brown)
03-everybody knows feat. (Big Crime)
04-lets get away
05-everywhere i go feat. (Gangsta Ridd & redwood)
06-we came here to party feat. (Frost)
07-disconnected (intro)
08-dont get caught feat. (Bokie)
09-handle mine feat. (OG Drastic)
10-safety off feat. (Frank Teez )produced Huero Snipes
12-you cant smoke with me feat. (Redwood, Mista Leno & Frank Teez)
13-sound the same (feat. (Beezy)
14-when we rock the mic feat. (Mass Mind, TV, Mista Leno, Redwood & Manny Loc)
15-turn it up feat. (Manny Loc)
16-blaze that shit feat. (Manny Loc)
17-watch how you floss feat. (Lefty Knuckles)

Urban Kings Presents: Street Anthems 2009

01-urban kings street anthems (Midjet Loco)
02-ask no questions (Spanky Loco, Stomper & Top Dog)
03-ride 4 the cause (Chino Grande, Lil Minor & Stomper)
04-its that gangsta life urban kings (Ms. Krazie)
05-bosses (Stomper & Spanky Loco)
06-im a joker (Chino Brown,Diamonique,Frost, Scoop Dville, Diestro & Guic)
07-smiling faces (Conejo)
08-ugly (Capone)
09-chicano rap on the next level (Danger & Payaso)
10-in california (Lil Sicko & Lil Blacky)
11-you shold already know (Baby Jokes & Huero Snipes)
12-haters all around (Chino Brown & Joker 310)
13-we coming (JMG & Charlie Row Campo)
14-talk the talk (Mr. Blue & Lil Evil)
15-what you know (MTO, Frank V & Sleepy malo)
16-its chicano rap (Mr. Blue,Loco Sniper, Young Spanks, Blunted 1 & Lil Evil)
17-watch out (Sweepy G & Ms. krazie)
18-hidden snippets (VA)
19-hidden snippets (VA)
20-hidden snippets (VA)

MaddGlock Presents: No Warning Shots The Soundtrack 2007

02-california (Radio Edit)
03-in glocks we trust
04-no warning shots
06-la vida loca (español)
08-the interview
09-let loose
10-we see the bitch in you
11-bring the 9 out
12-calling out lames
13-pop off
14-loquera es mi vida
15-can't stop my shine
16-shut down (mix)
20-all you women
21-ecstacy (remix)
22-miss you dogg

MaddGlock Presents: Da First Bullet 2005

01-soth side intro (VA)
02-madd glock 2003 (madd Glock)
03-oh why (Snapper)
04-alize (Sicc 2 Sicc Gangstaz)
05-i stay up (Snapper)
06-so sexy (Ms. Beautiful)
07-losing my mind (Wicked Willie)
08-hustle our way (Sicc 2 Sicc Gangstaz)
09-i love you (Knuckles)
10-magic ride (Ms. Beautiful)
11-when we used to ride (Mr. hype)
12-gotta make dat money (Snapper)
13-salute 2 da soldierz (Sicc 2 Sicc Gangstaz)
14-it's going down (Ms. Beautiful)
15-ride tonight (Knuckles)
16-where runnin da streetz (outro)
17-bonus track (Madd Glock)