21 novembro 2008

Teen Angels Presents: True Blue Gangsters 2005

01-true blue gangsters (Payaso, Travieso & Mister One)

02-smashin (Travieso , Payaso, Mister One & kokane)
03-you cant hide (Payaso, Mister One, Travieso & Big Capone)
04-for the haters (Payaso, Mister One, Lil Gibby, Travieso & Latina)
05-what shold i do (Payaso, Lil Gibby, Travieso & Mister One)
06-you aint no g (Travieso, Payaso, Lil Fly Boy, Lil Gibby & Big Capone)
07-old skool shit (Payaso, Travieso Lil Fly Boy & Lil Gibby)
08-front to back (The Youngsters)
09-were back (The youngsters)
10-one man army (Mister One, payaso & Travieso)
11-when my homies call (Payaso, Travieso, Mister One & Kokane)
12-lowride (Mister One, Travieso, Payaso & Latina)
13-we in da club (Payaso & Travieso)
14-cruising oldies (Payaso, Travieso, Mister One & Big Capone) (Royal T, Fat Juan & Jose Luis)

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