01 novembro 2008

Wicked Minds Presents: Legion for we are Many 2008

01-double trouble feat.(Lil Bam Bam & Lil Wreck)
02-still here feat.(baby Wicked)
03-a homie like me feat.(Rocky Padilla)
04-old stand by feat.(Zig Zag , Cecy B & Weeto)
05-defboy 4 life feat. (Lil Wreck)
06-coming home feat.(pete Loc & Becca)
07-throw your hands up feat.(Ese Daz, Duce & Becca)
08-we lose everything
09-its alright
10-don't push me feat.(Duce)
11-creeping feat.(Becca)
12-me la vas a pagar feat.(Becca)
13-voices 2 feat.(Nino Brown)
14-the wicked thatmen do feat.(L.Boy)
15-my name is wreck
16-die by the fun feat.(Frost & L.Boy)
17-bounce skate hustle feat.(Lil Blacky)
18-international feat.(Rabbit, Face, Vago & Cano)

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