05 março 2010

Slugg Ent. Presents: The Cartel Side- Sant Ana´s Most Hated 2010

1. Clock It Back (Ft. Tiny, Chito, Clever)
2. Where We Come From (Ft. Wicked, Chito, Tiny)

3. Blue Rags, Mags & Body Bags (Ft. Grinch, Chito, Tiny)
4. #1 Rival (Ft. Lil Man, Chito)
5. South Coast (Ft. Grinch, Monster, Lil Man)
6. Game of Death (Ft. Chito, Cartoon)
7. Cartel Siders (Ft. Tiny, Taz, Monster, Striker, Chito, Lil Man)
8. Game Never Ends (Ft. Lil Man, Chito)
9. Cartel Mentality (Ft. Lil Man)
10. Shadows of Death (Ft. Chito, Monster, Cartoon, Grinch)
11. In Tha West Coast (Ft. Tiny, Woody, Clever)
12. Cartel Mentality (Ft. Lil Man)
13. Str8 From The Heart (Ft. Chito)
14. Caps Get Peeled (Ft. Chito, Grinch)
15. Santa Ana's Most Hated (Ft. Clever, Monster, Chito, Lil Man)
16. Wanna Gang Bang (Ft. Clever, Tiny, Chito, Woody)
17. For My Homies (Ft. Clever, Striker, Chito, Cartoon, Lil Man)
18. Cartel Side 4 Life (Ft. Sporty, Clever, Chito)
19. Active 82 (Ft. Clever, Taz, Too Tall)
20. Die Muthafucka (Ft. Tiny, Chito, Striker)
21. 21 Gun Salute (Ft. Clever, Striker, Grinch)

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