17 maio 2009

Hi Power Ent. Presents:South Side Original Oldies 2009

1-South Side Oldies [Intro]
2-We Can't Do What We Want - (with Script Loc)
3-Lil' Oldie Jam, A - (with Malow Mac)
4-Chillin' On Da Block - (with Mr. Conejo)
5-Touch N' Feel - (with Menace)
6-No Matter What You Say - (with Samantha Latino/Mr. Silent)
7-I Had a Choice - (with Mr. Capone-E)
8-Like a Fantasy - (with Script Loc)
9-Love the One Your With - (with Miss Lady Pinks)
10-I May Let You Know - (with Script Loc)
11-When I Was a Little Boy - (with Ese Villen/Ron Ellison)
12-She's a Classic - (with Mr. Capone-E)
13-Tell It Like It is - (with Mr. Capone-E)
14-Just Another Day - (with Samantha Latino/Mr. Silent)
15-South Side Oldies - Outro

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