06 maio 2009

Charlie Row Campo Presents: Southern Gang Violence 2009

1-Intro (C-row & Lil Minor)
2-West Coast (Skandle Oso,fiesty 2 Gunns,baby Jokes,chino Grande,Jasper,Troub Nasty)
3-Too Hot (Lil Minor,Fiesty 2 Gunns,Chino Grande,Eddie Cane)
4-Bloody War (Fiesty 2 Gunns)
5-Pressin On (Fiesty 2 Gunns,chino Grande,Skandle Oso,baby Jokes,Lyrik)
6-Cant Cuff Me Up (Lil Minor,Dave Salas)
7-Im So Cool (Fiesty 2 Gunns,C-blunt,Chino Grande,eddie Cane)
8-All About My Paper (Lil Minor)
9-We Keep It Raw (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Troubs Nasty,Lil Minor)
10-Brought Down (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Skandle Oso,baby Jokes,Chino Grande)
11-We Come From The Valley (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Kozme)
12-Dont Test My Gangster (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Troubs Nasty,Skandle Oso,Huero Snipes)
13-The Life I Lead (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Baby Jokes,Betty Boo)
14-All Night (Troubs Nasty,fiesty 2 Gunns,Lil Minor)
15-Restless (Fiesty 2 Gunns,Skandle Oso,Chino Grande,Eddie Cane)
16-Murder (Chino Grande,Jasper,Fiesty 2 Gunns,Lyrik)

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