27 janeiro 2009

V. A. From my Hood to Yours 2004

01-i need love (Chyna Doll feat. Gee)
02-you dont remember me (Mr. Chino feat. Stroler)
03-mc's dont test (Gee feat. Chyna Doll)
04-thinking of you (Chino Grande)
05-ghetto love (Elusive)
06-gangsta shit (Rash feat. Lil Squirrel)
07-run away with me (Mr. Chino feat. Chino Grande)
08-strickly business (Dazer)
09-seems like yesturday (Gee feat. China Doll)
10-ghetto life (Lil Squirrel)
11-and you said no (Elusive)
12-ride with me (Chino Grande feat. Travieso)
13-southern cali love (Mr. Chino)
14-your the one (Mr. Chino)
15-firme memories (Stroler)
16-snippet (Mr. Chino)
17-down ass g *snippet (Mr. Chino)
18-sales promotion (Urban Hits)
19-bonus track


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