04 janeiro 2009

Urban Kings Presents: Street Anthems 2009

01-urban kings street anthems (Midjet Loco)
02-ask no questions (Spanky Loco, Stomper & Top Dog)
03-ride 4 the cause (Chino Grande, Lil Minor & Stomper)
04-its that gangsta life urban kings (Ms. Krazie)
05-bosses (Stomper & Spanky Loco)
06-im a joker (Chino Brown,Diamonique,Frost, Scoop Dville, Diestro & Guic)
07-smiling faces (Conejo)
08-ugly (Capone)
09-chicano rap on the next level (Danger & Payaso)
10-in california (Lil Sicko & Lil Blacky)
11-you shold already know (Baby Jokes & Huero Snipes)
12-haters all around (Chino Brown & Joker 310)
13-we coming (JMG & Charlie Row Campo)
14-talk the talk (Mr. Blue & Lil Evil)
15-what you know (MTO, Frank V & Sleepy malo)
16-its chicano rap (Mr. Blue,Loco Sniper, Young Spanks, Blunted 1 & Lil Evil)
17-watch out (Sweepy G & Ms. krazie)
18-hidden snippets (VA)
19-hidden snippets (VA)
20-hidden snippets (VA)

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