14 agosto 2009

Mr. Capone-E & Mr. Criminal Video Bangers 2009

1. Mr. Capone-E- It Ain't About Me

2. Mr. Criminal- Watch Me Rise

3. Mr. Capone-E- Gangsta Party

4. Mr. Criminal- Hood Affiliated

5. Mr. Capone-E- VIP

6. Mr. Criminal- Only The Strong Survive

7. Mr. Capone-E- Last Man Standing

8. Mr. Criminal- Side 2 Side

9. Mr. Capone-E- Struggle

10. Mr. Criminal- Hi Power 4 Life (Ft. Mr. Silent, Mr. Capone-E)

11. Mr. Capone-E- Summertime Anthem

12. Mr. Criminal- G'z And Ridaz (Ft. Mr. Silent)

13. Mr. Capone-E- Let Me Luv You Girl

14. Mr. Criminal- On A Come Up (Ft. Mr. Capone-E)

15. Mr. Capone-E- Hi Power Soldiers

16. Mr. Criminal- Represent


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