02 julho 2009

Clever and Tiny - Against All Odds Part 2 - 2009

01-Clever and Tiny - Tha West Coast

02-Clever and Tiny - Im Gonna Slang

03-Clever and Tiny - All About Dinero

04-Clever and Tiny - Problems Ft. Grinch and Chito

05-Clever and Tiny - When We Ride Ft. Lil Man and Chit0

06-Clever and Tiny - Slugg Ent 2008 Ft. Bad Azz, Spookie and Chito

07-Clever and Tiny - Ponte Listo Watch Out Ft. Spookie, Chito and Grinch0

08-Clever and Tiny - Still Cruising Bristol Ft.Chito

09-Clever and Tiny - Tha World is A Ghetto Ft. Chito

10-Clever and Tiny - Shoot to Kill Ft. Spookie

11-Clever and Tiny - Live and Die by the Cuete Ft. Chito

12-Clever - Clever Tha Don (Clever Solo)

13-Tiny - She Said She (Tiny Solo)

14-Tiny - this is My Hood (Tiny Solo)

15-Clever - Got Um Hating (Clever Solo)

16-Lil Man - Cartel Siders (Lil Man Solo)

17-Chito - Life as A Soldier (Chito Solo)

18-Spookie - White House (Spookie Solo)

19-Clever and Tiny - Bonus Track 1

20-Clever and Tiny - Bonus Track 2

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