09 março 2009

Southland Gangsters Click Presents:Caution 2009

01-intro jam (Lil Kasper, Big Chacho, Mister D, Sleepy Malo & OG Trigs)
02-drama don't stop (Clumbsy Boy, Erupt & Sleepy Malo)
03-crime or rhyme (Rodney O, Mister D, Big Chacho, Ese Bobby, Spanky & Lil Blacky)
04-where i come from (Stretch, Sleepy Malo & Ese venom)
05-fuck you up first (Conejo)
06-be like us (Stretch, Mister D. & C.O.A.Click)
07-this is how we ride (Ghost & Proper Dos)
08-kings of underground (Young Trav & Lil Blacky)
09-theyre all the same (Lil Kasper)
10-tonight i came home (Ese Bobby & Eastside Valleros)
11-what will you do (Sleepy Malo, Rodney O, Mister D & Clumbsy Boy)
12-beware of the blue part 2 (Sleepy Malo, Eastside Valleros, Clumbsy Boy & Ese Kilow)
13-outro jam (Big Chacho, Midjet Loco, Sleepy malo, Ese Venom, Stretch & Clumbsy Boy)

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