14 fevereiro 2009

V.A. 5 0 5 Underground Affiliated 2009

01-intro (VA)
02-wheres my gangsters at (T.Dre, Madogg & Mistah X)
03-lost in love (Mistah X, Ac & Ese Grouch)
04-intoxicated (Lil Wicked & Lil Silent)
05-we stay high (Mr. Jokes, Stalker & Mistah X)
06-down ass gz remix (Casual, G-funk & Mistah X)
07-this is howit goes (Mistah X, Mr. Jokes & G-Funk)
08-i remember (Ese Grouch & Wreck)
09-gangster party (Casual, Lyrical & Mistah X)
10-no trust no love (June Dog, Mistah X & T.Dre)
11-in your hood ( Sick ass Criminals & Mistah X)
12-untochables (Ese Silent, Lil Voe & Ese Grouch)
13-it goes bang (Ese lil Joker, Mistah X & Madogg)
14-who cold it be (Casual & Mistah X)
15-shut the fuck up (Ese Silent, Ese Grouch & Cap n1ne)
16-at the party (Sick ass Criminals & Mistah X)
17-down ass gz (Casual, Comedy, Lyrical & Mistah X)
18-505 to the 402 (Mistah X, Lil Silent & Los Locos)
19-always ready (Mr. Jokes & Mistah X)
20-still wondering (Primo & Mistah X)
21-sickest of them all (G-Funk & Mistah X)

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