11 outubro 2008

Fingazz Presents: Featurez 2008

01-1 st things 1 st (Cali Life Style)
02-want 2 ride (Mc Eight)
03-west coast party (Mr. Shadow)
04-west coast thang

05-40 oz (Don Cisco & Down aka Kilo)
06-get your gangster on (Mr. Criminal)
07-real gangsters dont die (Slow Pain & Sniper)
08-cold outside (Charlie Row & Roscoe)
09-this how we ride (OG Playboy & Lil Bullet)
10-low pro & The Dukes click (Payaso & The Dukes click)
11-gangbangin wont stop (Mr. Shadow)
12-criminal activicty (Mr. Lil One & Mr. Shadow)
13-play on (Ese Daz)
14-watch your back (Mr. Lil One & Mr. Shadow)
15-the club up (Shade Shiest)
16-i want you (ODM & Lil Sicko)
17-ride with a g (MTO)
18-luv them girl (Lil Menace)
19-when we ride (Bizzy Bone )
20-dedicated 2 you (Mr. Criminal)


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Arthur E65 - Blogs disse...

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