28 setembro 2008

Urban Kings presents:Brown Pride Soldiers 2008

01-the new connection (Slush the Villain feat. Midjet Loco & Stomper)
02-colors (lil Man feat. Mad Dog)
03-brown pride soldiers (Midjet Loco)
04-still the same (Travieso feat. Payaso)
05-its kinda sad (Mr. Chino Grande)
06-76 bars (Stomper)
07-gangsterd up ( Ese Lil Joker)
08-brownsville (Bugsy feat. Conejo & Capone)
09-live and die (Joker)
10-up to no good (Mz. Krazie feat. Midjet Loco)
11-for the homies (Mr. Chino Grande)
12-whatem (Lil Sicko feat. Trav)
13-the loco and the loca (Mz. Krazie feat. Midjet Loco)
14-evening news (Cuete Yeska feat. Sen Dog)
15-living my life (Baby Jokes feat. Travie, Midjet Loco & Chino Grande)
16-sounds of the brown (Outtahand feat. Mr. Blue)
17-aint nothing changed (sweepy g feat. Kachy)
18-my mind just erupted ( Conejo)
19-bonus track (V.A.)
20-bonus track 2 (V. A.)

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