11 agosto 2008

Stomper Presents:The New West Coast Compilation 2008

01-west west (Stomper Mr. Capone-e & WC)

02-the west iz back remix (Stomper Lil Sic & Roscoe)

03-been so long (Stomper Lefty Knuckles ALT The Saint & Frost)

04-we gangsters (Stomper El Demonio & The Game)

05-buck em down (Stomper J.Hind & El Demonio)

06-california ese (Stomper El Demonio & Snoop Dogg)

07-we got it locked down (Stomper J.Hind & Elplicty Trouble)

08-skit (Stomper & Kast N Fame)

09-go loco (Stomper J.Hind & Mistah Fab)

10-take a stand (Stomper & Terry Mc Coy)

11-late night hype 3 (Stomper & Mc Eiht)

12-summertime luv remix (Stomper Grumpy Rae Sahae & Fingazz)

13-call me crazy (Stomper J.Hind & Kokane)

14-lets get this paper (Stomper J.Hind Lil Zane & Bad Azz)

15-what you gonna do (Stomper Motion & Swiss Cash)

16-you know me (Stomper Mr. Criminal Mr. Capone-e & Celly Cel)

17-this game iz ourz (Stomper Theif Sicario & 2tone)

18-geto boyz (Stomper El Demonio & Bushwick Bill)

19-the missing element (Stomper J.Hind Grumpy & JT The Bigga Figga)

20-the go ahead (Stomper)

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