18 julho 2008

Chino Grande Still Active 2008

02still active Feat.(Jasper,Lil Minor and Mz. Krazie)
03-brigther dayz (acoustical version feat.Cecy B.)
04-like that feat.(D. Salas)
05 my story (73 chevorlet)feat.(Rebel and Blanca Nieves)
06-hoodrats need love too feat.(wreck,Lil Minor and Cecy B.)
07-ride whitt a g feat.(Young Troubs and Irik)
08-killer like me feat.(Midjet Loco and Baby Jokes)
09-shut em down feat.(Baby Jokes)
10-southern cali siccness feat.(Lil Minor)
11-street life feat.(Toro Loco and Huero Snipes)
12-for the homies
13-carnalito de aztlan feat.(Lefty)
14-could outside feat.(Midjet Loco,Roscoe and Fingazz)
15-despensa la tira
16-gangster like that feat.(Lil Minor and Snipes)
17-wanna die feat.(Travie,Paya Big Dave)
18-brighter dayz (original Version feat. Cecy B.)
19-untitled track
20-untitled track

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